What is Brainlessness?

Concept of the DayWhat is Brainlessness?


Brainlessness is often considered to be an insult that comes your way if you talk or act stupidly or without any point. Some people consider brainless to be a word that is used to describe a person who lacks value or merit. For example, the child was called brainless by his teacher when he wrote all the wrong answers for the basic English test conducted in his school. Some people also consider brainless to be senseless, unreasonable, mindless, artless, and unsophisticated, things that are done without thinking and acting immorally.

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Brainless is often used as an opposite to words such as wise, intelligent, capable, worthful, reasonable, and mindful, among others. Another example of using the word brainless is when the director of the organization called her new employee to her cabin. She showed the employee her emails wherein the employee had brainlessly copy-pasted the work on the internet and shown it as her own without even editing the copy. The employee was called brainless for her task and she was even compared to a teenager doing an assignment for their college.

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The employee felt offended as her work was not copy-pasted and she had put in genuine efforts. However, it didn’t meet the expectations of the director and thus, she was considered brainless by her boss. In order to remove the “brainless” tag from her work life, the employee worked really hard and came up with exciting ideas to improve the workplace. The HR of the organization realized the efforts of the new employee and also offered her a better job in another organization owned by the company.

Thus, when someone calls you brainless or senseless or worthless, just don’t take it to your ego in a negative manner. Sometimes such situations occur so that you work really hard and prove your worth. No one is born fully intelligent and fully knowing it all. Sometimes mistakes happen unintentionally. Apologizing for your unintentional mistakes will also not make you any less. Instead, it will show others how humble you are and make others proud of your background and upbringing.

Saying sorry and showing your humility and kind side to others will in no way make you have low self-esteem. Even if others are wrong in how and what they think and do, they will realize your true potential one day for sure. So, ignore the naysayers who address you as a brainless person in their family or work life. You focus on your skills and how you can improve them to upskill your career.

You need to have good friends to support you. If any of your friends are jealous of you and spreads rumors about you not being reasonable or understanding of reality, then avoid interacting with such people. Have a good support system that will teach you the required skills to become intelligent and wise in life. And never ever show others that you are bigger than them. Be a selfless and down-to-earth person even for people who have wronged you because it is their karma and not yours to own their wrongdoings in life.

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