What are Employee Retention Techniques?

Concept of the DayWhat are Employee Retention Techniques?


Employee retention means ensuring that your top talented employees are satisfied with their job roles and don’t feel insecure whenever there is a dicey global crisis or fluctuating market conditions. Employee retention comes under a part of Human Resources Management and must be followed by every organization so that they don’t have to search for new employees every quarter or once a year to fill up their key positions.

Wipro Employees asked to attend the office thrice a week

Here we discuss some important employee retention techniques. Onboarding and job orientation have to be the first important step when new employees join the company. Every new employee must be honored for their existing skillset and introduced to every department as an asset and not just deemed as a newcomer. New employees should be taught about their job roles and also about the company culture. They need to be given the right to express their opinions if they find the company culture to be too toxic or demanding. Training and support programs should be made available to them in an offline and virtual format so that they can learn at their own pace and also ensure to contribute their feedback on improving the training programs.

What is a Humane approach to Leadership?

Employees work with a company not just for salary or job title. There is something that is not written on the paper or experience certificates and that is how they feel or get treated in the organization. Employees must be put under mentorship programs and also be given guidance at every level of their work phase. They should be checked on a regular basis if their mentors are helping them to learn and work well or if there is a need for any change.

During the pandemic times when the remote working culture became dominant, employees’ mental and physical health was also got affected. Employees have to be given the required assistance if they or their family members fall sick and also stress management programs should be introduced on a timely basis. There can be reimbursement arranged for fitness or yoga classes and also retirement planning services should be introduced to the employees so that they secure their future and also their loved ones.

Good workplace communication is one of the important factors for employees staying back in the same organization for longer durations. For example, if the manager of a company keeps the communication lines open with his team members, they would feel more supported and also share their ideas to work productively. Leaders need to keep communication constructive and positive these days because there is a growing menace of negativity and toxic work cultures being promoted at many places that leads to increased workload and quitting of top talent. 

Employees definitely want better compensation and sometimes perks for working overtime as well. But when you give them the required appreciation, they will show their gratitude and also give their best. Employees must be recognized for giving innovative ideas and making an impact in the organization. Such employees should also be incentivized and given certificates of appreciation so that they can feel proud and satisfied to work in your organization.

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