TCS denies the involvement of any of its key persons in job fraud

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Reputed IT company Tata Consultancy Services – TCS has denied all the reports that claim fraudulent recruitment processes happened in the past in the company. Earlier, it was reported that a few key senior persons were a part of the jobs scam of hiring contractors and other admin staff and that they made 100 crores. However, TCS has released a statement to the media wherein it said that after an intervisitation, it found no key managerial person involved in the recruitment scam. But the company also agreed that there has been a complaint with respect to the job scam of contract resources.

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A report released by Mint stated that a “whistleblower has alleged that ES Chakravarthy, the global head of TCS’s resource management group (RMG), the company’s recruitment division, had been accepting commissions from staffing firms for years”. The report also mentioned how the company asked Chakravarthy to leave the office and sacked four executives in the department along with blacklisting three staffing firms. The report mentioned an executive who said that the job scam may have got the miscreants a profit of Rs 100 crore.

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But TCS within a span of a few hours said that its recruitment drive is not headed by the RMG. It released a statement wherein it mentioned that RMG is liable only for the allocation of existing resources to different projects and if there is any lack of resources, they fill up the positions with the help of contractors. TCS said that the complaint referred to in the article on Mint relates to the hiring of such contract resources employed by the contractors.

The company has an employee strength of 6 lakh employees and said that it has introduced a review to check the allegations. It has also found that this “does not involve any fraud by or against the company and no financial impact; the issue relates to breach of Company’s Code of Conduct by certain employees and vendors providing contractors, and no key managerial person of the Company has been found to be involved”.

On the other hand, a labor union based in Pune called Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate (NITES) stated that it has filed a written letter to the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India to discuss the issue. Harpreet Singh Saluja, President of NITES mentioned how the effect of this job scandal will be on the present and future employees of TCS. Also, a negative environment of distrust has been created wherein the workforce’s morale and motivation have been impacted badly. It damages fair competition, blocks merit-based recruitment, and forms an atmosphere of mistrust and uncertainty, was the opinion of Harpreet.

It is really a sad state of jobs and employment in India wherein the names of reputed companies are being written by the media outlets. When a person graduates in India, it is really challenging for him to make sure that he is at par with the industry expectations and standards. To top it all, such news really increases job insecurity in the volatile economic conditions of India.

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