Securing a Rs. 20,000 loan without documents: a simple guide

BusinessSecuring a Rs. 20,000 loan without documents: a simple guide


In times of financial urgency, the need for a quick infusion of funds can be pressing. However, navigating the traditional loan application process, often laden with paperwork, can be time-consuming and cumbersome. If you find yourself in need of a Rs. 20,000 loan without documents and the hassle of extensive application process, here’s a simple guide to help you secure the funds you require.

Explore pre-approved offers

One of the most effective ways to obtain a Rs. 20,000 loan  without documents is by exploring lenders that provide pre-approved offers to their existing customers. Numerous digital lenders have streamlined their application processes, offering a hassle-free experience that requires minimal paperwork. For example, with a Bajaj Finance Insta Personal Loan, existing customers get pre-approved loan offers. All you need to do to check your offers is to enter mobile number and OTP. Select customers do not even have to submit documents such as income proof or bank statements to get funds in their account.

Here is how you can apply for an Insta Personal Loan

  1. Visit the Insta Personal Loan page on the Bajaj Finserv website and click on ‘CHECK OFFER’.
  2. Enter your 10-digit mobile number and verify your profile with the OTP sent to your phone.
  3. You will see an offer with a pre-assigned loan limit for you. You can either go with it or choose a lower amount.
  4. Select a repayment tenure that suits you best.
  5. Click on ‘PROCEED’ to complete the online process.

The online process may differ depending on whether you are a new customer or have an existing relationship with Bajaj Finance Limited.

Here are the key features of the Insta Personal Loan

  • Quick processing: You can easily skip the extended approval procedures linked to typical loans.
  • Immediate funding: As the creditworthiness of borrowers is already verified, the loan disbursement is notably expedited, allowing you to access the required funds in as little as 30 minutes*.
  • Flexible tenures: You can opt for a repayment period that suits you, ranging up to 63 months with Insta Personal Loans.
  • Streamlined documentation: Insta Personal Loans need minimal paperwork for the loan processing. In fact, select customers may be able to get the loan without having to submit any documents.


Securing a Rs. 20,000 loan without documents is indeed possible with the right approach. By leveraging online lending platforms, and maintaining a decent credit score, you can streamline the application process. Remember to check eligibility criteria and be prepared with personal information to enhance your chances of loan approval. With careful consideration and a focus on reputable lenders, you can navigate the process smoothly and obtain the funds you need in a timely and efficient manner.

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