PM Modi suggests corporate sector of India and the US to benefit from their groundwork

BusinessPM Modi suggests corporate sector of India and the US to benefit...


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the governments of India and the United States of America have prepared the groundwork for the business communities of both nations. It means now it is the responsibility of the corporate sector to take benefit of the situation and lead towards growth. 

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Sharing his address with the business leaders and philanthropists from India and the US along with other important members of the Indian-American community at the Kennedy Centre in the US, Modi stressed the fact that the India-US partnership is not just of comfort but of conviction, shared values, and compassion. Modi also stated that in the last three days of his visit to the US and meeting with President Joe Biden, many historical initiatives have been taken and issues have been discussed to ensure strong bilateral relations.

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Ranging from defence to aviation, applied materials to manufacturing, and the IT and space sectors, India and the US’s relations are more strong, trustworthy, and committed, said PM Modi at the event conducted by the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum. He encouraged the business community of both nations to come ahead and take full use of this opportunity.

Every expansion project of India has the ability to also support the American dream, said Modi mentioning how India was investing a record USD 125 billion in infrastructure growth. In India’s development story, there are endless opportunities for America and for the country’s corporate sector, said Modi.

“For you, it is the time to take the first and fast mover advantage,” said Modi while receiving a huge round of appreciation from the audience who had attended the event. In all his meetings with Biden, the two thoughtful leaders had transparent discussions over the future of both the nations and their relations and they decided to follow a clear plan ahead in this matter.

“This is the moment”, should be the feeling of the companies, businesses, manufacturers, and innovators after our India-US technological handshake meeting in the White House, said Modi. He also added that whenever India has led strongly, it has benefited the whole world. This was noticed during the COVID-19 pandemic when the globe required medicines and India increased its production and gave medicines. He also said that US companies have invested above USD 16 billion in India in the last few years.

As India has the world’s youngest pool of skilled and professional workforce, Modi asserted that whichever country shakes hands with India will be in total benefit. There are endless possibilities and opportunities in the India-US partnership. Modi also shared important details, “we are keeping the fiscal deficit in check and continuously increasing our Capex. Our export is increasing, our Forex is increasing, and new records are being created in FDI”.

The event also saw the addresses given by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, US-India Strategic Partnership Forum President and CEO Mukesh Aghi, and Chairman Emeritus at Cisco and founder of JC2 Ventures John Chambers. 

(Image/Deccan Herald) 

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