Interested in watching Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan? Read here Story, Reviews

BollywoodInterested in watching Shah Rukh Khan's Jawan? Read here Story, Reviews


Jawan has hit the theatres today. Whether you are a Shah Rukh Khan fan or not, but you will surely be curious to know the status of this action thriller that promises several things. In Jawan, Shah Rukh Khan seems to have done a U-turn of the role he performed in Pathaan. Yes, you read it right!

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So, the story of Jawan introduces us to the role of Shah Rukh wherein he keeps a full Mumbai metro as a hostage and doesn’t mind kidnapping politicians and even hacking the public systems. However, there is no selfish reason behind his character performing such acts. Shah Rukh’s role has a genuine intention behind the same through his role in Jawan.

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Directed by Atlee, the film takes us to the journey of Shah Rukh’s dual role – one is Vikram Rathore who is quite serious about curing the flaws of the Indian political system, right from agriculture to health. On his path, there are two characters – Narmada who is a top cop played by Nayanthara and there is Kali who is the most corrupt billionaire played by Vijay Sethupathi. 

Interestingly, Vikram gets married to Narmada in a series of events in an arranged marriage setup. A terrific interval sets up when Narmada figures out the battles of their jobs. From the second half, Jawan has to focus on both his personal and professional lives. It narrates a revenge story along with a patriotic flavor to it. 

Shah Rukh Khan is the perfect choice to narrate a story that combines both personal and political angles. His personal agenda becomes a political initiative and he has to express himself firmly yet silently. 

Voting wisely is one of the preaches that Shah Rukh asks the citizens of the country. Atlee has ensured to balance between Shah Rukh’s stardom and keeping the storytelling authentic. Although some of the dialogues are more like hit-and-miss, the background score is fine-tuned with the narration. 

Produced by Khan’s wife, Gauri Khan, the film Jawan is set to break all the box office records of 2023 at least. It is reported that the film has already got about $6 million all over the world in advance bookings.

For Shah Rukh, Jawan is his second stint in 2023 after he took a break from acting in the lead role four years back. No wonder Shah Rukh is addressed as King Khan or King of Bollywood, thanks to his demigod status in India and featuring in over 90 movies so far.

Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama gave the film 4.5/5 stars and mentioned how Jawan is set to be a hardcore masala entertainer that’s sure to stand tall in SRK’s filmography. Atlee presents SRK in a massy character. He also appreciated Atlee for keeping the screenplay razor-sharp and having larger-than-life frames along with splendid action sequences.

Sonil Dedhia of News18 gave 4/5 stars and mentioned how Jawan is an ambitious vigilante action thriller that has lived up to its hype. It will slowly find its footing at the box office.

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