Mamta angry on transfers, says-victory of TMC cannot be stopped

Assembly ElectionsMamta angry on transfers, says-victory of TMC cannot be stopped


Kolkata: Trinamool Congress president Mamta Banerjee has accused the Election Commission on Thursday. Mamta Banerjee had strongly objected to the transfer of senior officials of the state in a big way by the Election Commission, and said that the victory of TMC cannot be stopped even if the Election Commission transfers all the officers.

In an election meeting, Mamata Banerjee said that it seems as if it is not the Election Commission but the BJP Commission. In fact, two days before the first phase of the election was held, the Election Commission removed one IAS and four IPS officers.

Mamta said that she has great respect for the Election Commission but I want to question the Election Commission that why the control of police forces is in the hands of the Center during the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections? Why are they not under the Election Commission? He alleged that the Election Commission is being half-hearted towards his government.

Mamta Banerjee accused the BJP of helping a new political party to cut the votes of minorities. Without naming any party or person held in a public meeting, he said that the founder of that party has taken money from BJP. He said, “A new party has been formed in the state to cut the votes of the minorities and to help the saffron party at the behest of the BJP.” Please do not vote for the candidates of that party. “

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