Modi ji, why “thanks” to you for vaccine?

ArticleModi ji, why “thanks” to you for vaccine?


Modi ji, why “thanks” to you for vaccine?

Zeenat Siddiqui

Modi ji, why “thanks” to you for vaccine?

18 Plus vaccination started in India on 21 June in which about 86 lakh people were vaccinated in a single day, a good thing that has a very bad story behind and after. It is clear from the information that is coming out after the Tika Utsavl that this is actually a record which has not been made but has been fabricated. Because this program of vaccination does seems to be just an event management, which was arrange during the Corona period to satisfy the hunger of a man’s publicity. If we look at the data received from different regions, then it is known that the “Khela ho gaya”.

Madhya Pradesh came first in giving vaccine on the day of Tika Utsav, where on June 21, about 17 lakh people got the vaccine, but on the second day this count could not even reach 5000. You will understand this whole game easily when you look at the figures of June 20 and 22 of only three BJP-ruled states. Only 692 vaccines were administered in Mama’s Madhya Pradesh on 20th June, a record vaccination 16,91,667 on 21st June and only 4825 people got the vaccine the next day on 22nd June. Similarly, 68,172 vaccines were administered in Karnataka on 20th June, this number reached 11 lakh 21 thousand 648 on 21st June i.e. Tika utsav. Haryana also had a similar situation where on 20th June 37537, on 21st June 4,96,598 and then the next day the number dropped to 75894.

These figures clearly show what was game played to create the record on 21st June. This happened in almost all the BJP ruled states.

If we look at this entire vaccine festival, then it looks more like a one-man campaign, not a vaccination drive. On 21st June, posters of Thank you Modi ji were put up in public places, in banks, in government offices, in educational institutions all over the country and all these posters and banners showed the same text, similar faces. It seemed as if all this was already prepared. The question that arises is why so much promotion of free vaccines? Are you doing something unique? Why should you say thank you? Corona vaccine is being seen for free all over the world, but are there posters anywhere that thank you Biden, thank you Putin, thank you Boris. This poster should not be used because free vaccination is the right of citizens and vaccine has always been free, but the government never beats drum, especially for a particular person.

Even before this, 17 crore people in India were given drops of polio in 1 day, which is a world record, then did the Manmohan Singh government beat drum, were there posters of Thank you Manmohan? and remember this record was made when the country didn’t have so many facilities. But Modi ji enjoys scratching the wounds of the people even in this hour of calamity. If these posters had been put up when you would not have sent the vaccine abroad and made it available to your citizens and saved people from the destruction in the second wave, then this public would have definitely said thank you to you. In this epidemic, people who died untimely due to lack of beds, lack of medicines, lack of treatment, lack of health facilities, now how will these people tell you thank you? The public has seen terrible scenes, the wounds they have received have seen them become cancer. It will not be cured by making records of vaccines. Creating an atmosphere of artificial thanks will not do anything, why crematoriums, Those who perform untimely last rites of their loved ones in graveyards, banks of the Ganges are deeply saddened by their hearts and those who perform untimely last rites of their loved ones in the cremation ground, on the banks of the Ganges, in the graveyards, the heart has become very sad and how can these sad people say thank you to you . Just think

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