Has your child also become addicted to electronic device?

ArticleHas your child also become addicted to electronic device?


Has your child also become addicted to electronic device?

  • Rapid double vision problem in children due to increasing screen time
  • Children are gaining weight due to reduced activity during the transition phase

Amit Bishnoi

Due to reduced physical activity during the corona transition, your child could be seen spending days on a laptop, mobile, and computer. Instead of laughing, joking, doing mischief, he/she has started to remain silent. Suddenly his/her weight has started increasing or if there is a problem in vision, then do not take it carelessly.

If you do not pay attention in time, then your child can be a victim of depression and other serious diseases, because with increasing screen time on electronic devices children are vulnerable to many diseases. In such a situation, it is very important to focus on the child. Read a special report by Business Bytes…

There is hardly anyone in the last 6 months who has not changed their lifestyle. If we talk about children, then their lifestyle is being affected the most. Children are forced to stay home due to corona infection. Due to the lack of physical activity, most of the children’s time is being spent on electronic devices i.e. computers, laptops and mobiles. At the same time, due to attending online class, his/her screen tine has increased significantly. In such a situation, there are problems the children may suffer from such as Nomophobia, double vision, weight gain. At the same time, by preventing such children from using electronic devices, they are coming into a state of depression which is affecting their mental health.

What is Nomophobia?
There has been a rapid rise of parents reporting Nomophobia in their children. Nomophobia (short for ‘no mobile phobia’) is the fear of being without a mobile device, or beyond mobile phone contact.
What is Double Vision?
Due to the continuous staring at electronic screen and not blinking while doing so leads to dryness of eyes, headache, watering of eyes and Blurring of vision are the effects of Double Vision. Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS are the problems caused by Mobile phones or Compute

Increasing problems due to incorrect seating position
As you know, regular school has been replaced by online classes. Lack of physical activity, increase in cases of weight gain and constipation. At school, you get balanced diet at the appointed time. But due to tantrums at home, children are eating less food. Sociological and Ophthalmological routine is also being disturbed.

What can parents do?
By now you must be wondering what we as parents can do to avoid these things.

  • start to spend some personal time with your children
  • Set up a routine for your children.
  • Start to exercise with them
  • Can jump rope and dance
  • Stop watching mobile at least 1 hour before going to bed

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