Daksh: The Heroic DRDO ROV Rescuing Hope from the Depths of Uttarakhand Tunnel Tragedy

UttarakhandDaksh: The Heroic DRDO ROV Rescuing Hope from the Depths of Uttarakhand...


On Monday, the rescue operations continued at the Tunnel collapse site of Uttarakhand in Uttarkashi district. To help officials trap 41 workers from the tunnel, the DRDO (Defence Research Development Organisation) robotics team employed the ROV Daksh ( Remotely operated vehicle). The equipment is designed for motorized pan tilt platforms that reach risky terrain. 

What is ROV Daksh

The ROV Daksh (remote-operated vehicle) is a machine used to detect and manage explosive devices ( IEDs) chemical contamination, survey nuclear, and handle hazardous objects, as per DRDO. However, it has ladder climbing abilities and works for three hours, with the ability to operate to more than 100 to 500 metres distance. 

ROV Daksh machine works like bomb disposal units of police, paramilitary forces, and army and helps to handle IEDs and other hazardous substances. 

What do ROV Daksh features 

The ROV Daksh is a versatile machine that features the pan tilt motorized platform and is controlled remotely within 500 metres. This machine’s manipulator arm can handle hazardous objects up to 9kg from 4 metres and 20kg weights from 2.5 metres. It demonstrates the ability to manoeuvre steep slopes and climb stairs with durable rubber wheels that can withstand blast impacts. 

It works continuously for three hours after being fully charged. It is designed with IED handling tools, multiple cameras, NBC ( nuclear, biological, chemical ) reconnaissance systems, a shotgun and a master control station. The ROV Daksh with MCS is transported for mobility and deployment using the special carrier vehicle. 

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Other organizations worked at the Uttarkashi tunnel site 

In Uttarkashi, the trapped workers get the essentials by a 4-inch compressor pipeline. They get all the essential supplies through it, like puffed rice, chickpeas, medications and dry fruits. 

  • The NHIDCL, National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited, is installing the new 6-inch pipeline to supply food to trapped workers. 
  • They completed the drilling 39 metres from 60, with plans to resume from silk yarn and ensure safety measures. 
  • RVNL, Rail Vikas Nigam limited, works on a tunnel site with vertical pipelines. They also supply the essential materials to trapped workers. To support this rescue operation, the Border Roads Organisation ( BRO) completed the construction of the access road for the convenience of RVNL. 
  • Moreover, the THDC (the hydroelectric development corporation) is set to ensure micro tunnelling from the end of the Barkot and has heavy machinery. 
  • The SJVNL ( Sutlej Jal vidyut nigam limited ) will take the vertical drilling to help workers rescued from the tunnel.
  • The tools are brought from Odisha and Gujarat to support the rescue operation. 
  • ONGC, an Oil and natural gas corporation, has started their preliminary work for drilling vertically from the Barkot end. The BRO association is constructing an access road to mobility machines for SJVNL and ONGC. 


ROV Daksh is a versatile machine that drills in the Uttarkashi tunnel and brings hope among people that the rescue operation will be completed successfully. This machine helps 41 workers be trapped in the tunnel

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