Family lives with dead man’s body for 18 months in Kanpur

Uttar PradeshFamily lives with dead man’s body for 18 months in Kanpur


Kanpur (UP): Living with a dead body, and that too for 18 months may sound strange. Yet a family in Kanpur had been living with the body of one of their members, who died 18 months ago. It so happened because of a faulty oximeter that gave false readings, indicating that the man, an income-tax official, Vimlesh Dixit, was alive. Therefore, the family did not cremate his mortal remains and took care of the body as if he were alive. The police cremated the mortal remains of Vimlesh.

According to deputy commissioner of police Lakhan Singh and his team inquired into the incident and submitted a report to the commissioner of police BP Jogdand.

The mother of Vimlesh believed that he was alive and other members believed in it. According to the report, a faulty oximeter made Vimlesh’s mother Ramdulari believe that he was alive. The oximeter was fixed on the first finger of Vimlesh and gave incorrect readings showing that he was still living. The police team spoke to each member of the family and inspected each room of the house. Nevertheless, the wife of Vimlesh, Mitali Dixit, told the cops that she was sure that her husband had died, but everyone’s belief was contrary to hers.

According to Mitali, she had informed his office about Vimlesh’s death. His family members, however, conveyed another letter saying that he was ill.

The team, however, did not file any evidence that the family availed the salary of the deceased during the last 18 months. The police are inquiring into the case. Brother of Vimlesh, Dinesh, alleged that the police were harassing his family in the name of inquiry and he would lodge a complaint on the Chief Minister’s portal.  Two similar incidents took place – one in Kolkata and another in Bhopal. A man in Kolkata had lived with the body of her sister for several years and took care of her as if she were alive. The incident rattled the city.  In Bhopal too, a woman had been living with the body of her sister for several months.

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