Activists in Uttar Pradesh asked to boycott Pathan over objectionable costumes

Uttar PradeshActivists in Uttar Pradesh asked to boycott Pathan over objectionable costumes


Madhya Pradesh Minister and national spokesperson Narottam Mishra have earlier asked to boycott the movie “Pathan”.After Mishra, it is now the BJP activists in Uttar Pradesh who have asked to boycott the Pathan movie as it happens to insult the Sanatan Dharma.

According to the information received BJP leader Rajesh Kesarwani said, “Crassness with saffron color was seen in the song that can never be tolerated. We should unite against the offense.”

Following this, the BJP senior leaders have pledged to ban the movie in Uttar Pradesh. Further, they have asked the government to take strict action against the filmmakers.

Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra had already called the costumes used in the film absurd and criticized the filmmakers for the same.

“Actress Deepika Padukone’s costume is highly objectionable and the song was shot with an absurd mindset.

The scenes and costumes must be changed as soon as possible, else screening in Madhya Pradesh would be difficult”. ,” Mishra alleged while criticizing the film.

Following the opposition leader Govind Singh has also expressed his concern about the costumes in the song. “The scenes of the song are not acceptable and the costumes are objectionable. Such things cannot be tolerated in Indian culture,” Singh said.

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