Threat will not help Mr Trump

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Deprortation of 3 lakh Indian from US looms large

Threat will not help Mr Trump
Ubaidullah Nasir

By Ubaidullah Nasir

Supply of anti malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine to US has emerged as a major issue not only between India and US but a political issue in India as well .US facing major challenge from corona its entire medical services have collapsed thousands of people have died lakhs are affected and the super power seems helpless before this killer disease . Donlad Trump sought the above mentioned medicine from India after doctors in his country told him that they have found this anti malaria drug effective on corona patient however the fact remains that it is yet not clinically proven that the said medicine is effective on corona patient .

This is primarily an anti malaria drug that is also used for auto immune disease.The demand for this drug has increased globally many other countries have also pushed India for its supply . Helpless US President in a panic decision sought its supply from India, it is understandable but the warning and request could not go side by side but Trump is Trump the most unpredictable president of America ever had .

According to agencies he said “ I spoke to him (PM Modi ) and said we appreciate that you are allowing our supply of Hydroxychloroquine to come out , but if he does’nt allow to come out that would be okay but of course there must be retaliation why would’nt there be “ .This is the language which no self respecting country could have tolerated .Supply of medicines on humanitarian ground is alright but compromise with national dignity and honour is unacceptable and this submission to a super power by Indian government has not gone well among a vast majority of our people except of course hardcore Modi loyalists who are giving many kind of excuses for this.

“We were expecting a tough reply from our government telling Mr Trump in no uncertain term that we on humanitarian ground are ready to help but we could not be dictated” said a senior retired bureaucrat another leader of a national party said that the foreign ministry should have called US Ambassador and tell him that this type of threatening language is not acceptable to us .

Recalling good old days another senior politician reminds us that how Mrs Indira Gandhi has dared US during Bangladesh war that if its seventh fleet dared to enter Indian water territories it will be attacked or how then PM Morarji Desai has challenged the British PM that if he will not welcome him at Heathrow airport he too will not welcome British PM at New Delhi airport compelling British PM to break the tradition of receiving foreign dignitaries at 10 Downing Street and not at airport itself according to the traditions of that time .

From Pandit Nehru to Dr Manmohan Singh every Indian Prime Minister has faced American pressure in one way or other but none has so compromised with national interest and pride as Mr Modi has done. It is specially surprising that just few months before when Mr Trump visited India he was given royal welcome and billions were spent on mega show of his welcome. Not only this, when Mr Trump was contesting for American Presidency members of Sangh parivar were performing Pooja and havan for his victory simply because he has given certain anti Muslim anti Arab and pro Israel statements that has satisfied the devilish ego of sanghis.

It may be reminded here that export of these medicines was banned by Indian government on April 4 keeping in mind the domestic demand and need but it was lifted within 74 hours after President Trump issued this warning. The decision of Indian government may be on humanitarian ground but it was so ill timed that it sent a very wrong message among masses. Government of India has clarified that comprehensive assessment has confirmed the availability of medicines for all possible contingencies but the fact remain that no body is yet confirmed what turn the killer disease may take in days to come.

However Ipca labs and Zydus cadilla companies have said that they are increasing their production not to meet just EU, American and other countries demand of about 150 million tablets but also to cater domestic demand of about 100 million tablets in wake Covid 19 emergency.

This episode has not died down and suddenly President Trump took another controversial decision which may affect India also .US homeland security department has issued two memos meant for hardening and enforcing Trump administration immigration policy . It has put 11 million undocumented immigrants on verge of deportation out of these 3 Lakhs are Indian who may be forced to leave US. Though the main target of the enforcement memos and the immigration policies is illegal aliens or aliens with criminal record but the homeland security department had broadened the ways of federal officers to apprehend those immigrants who seems a threat to national security or who are found to violate immigrations laws.

The H1B visa issue has been haunting Indo US relations since long but this time Mr Trump seems to be uncompromising on the other hand he is also depending on India. Americans vote to win the second term and Mr Modi may be of great help to him let us see how both leaders will find a way out for these Indian Americans who are facing deportation threat from an unpredictable leader.

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