Sunshine Sundays With Anushree

Sunshine Sundays With Anushree


Sunshine Sundays With Anushree

Whys And Hows of – SELF CARE

There are thousands of things talked about caring for others. We grow up listening to sermons and reading about caring for – family, children , elderly, animals , even plants and strangers, in the books. But one thing that is not as much highlighted and talked about is ‘self-care’.

24 July is observed as the ‘Self Care’ day across the globe.

In recent times, with a sharp increase in mental health issues like depression, anxiety and stress, worldwide; people however, have started realising that self care should be considered equally, if not more important.

As per ‘Our world in data’, in 2017 approximately 792 million people suffered from mental health disorders. Which can be explained as one in ten people globally.

Mental health issues have witnessed a sharp rise with Covid-19 pandemic sabotaging the ‘normal’ in our lives. According to ‘Gallup’, in 2019 one third of people around the world reported feeling stressed, worried or angry.

Even if we choose to ignore the statistics for once; merely observing the people and situations around will make us agree to the fact that now, more than ever people are confined- their movement, interactions, activities everything has been drastically limited. Leaving majority to ‘all by themselves’ situation.

In a scenario like present, taking care of oneself becomes even more essential . One important point to consider here is that self-care refers to complete care of one’s well-being, which includes – physical, mental and emotional care.

One needs to pay attention to all three of them. From exercising, to speaking your heart out, to meditating, and much more.

We will cover all these three sections in our next ‘Sunshine Sunday’ article.

Till then – take CARE !

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