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Sunshine Sundays with Garima


Sunshine Sundays with Garima

Expectations Always hurt. Really?

“Expectations don’t hurt unless or until we expect from others.”

Expectationsthis word sounds so heavy as we get a lot of disappointments from this. Whether expecting something from your partner, family, or friend, we end up hurting ourselves. And then we regret ourselves. Why do we expect this from them? But is it true that expectations always hurt? No, it’s not. If you are wondering how then scroll ahead.

We live in a world where everyone compares themselves, judges themselves, and makes high expectations from others. Why do we need to do that? If you want to have expectations, then look at the mirror. You are the actual competition; make high expectations from yourself, not others. 

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Expectations are healthy if you shift your point from “expect from others” to “make expectations from yourself’. Appreciate everything around yourself and go with the flow. As life is not perfect, you need to make it perfect. Expect from yourself that you will achieve this, expect that you will be happy, and expect that you are enough.

Moreover, it is also true that it is not easy as we are humans, and it is natural to have expectations from others. But you can limit your expectations because this is the only way to protect yourself from hurting. Be aware of what you need and what you want to expect from your life. Don’t expect others to make you happy or do something for you. Remind you every day that self-expectation is better than expecting from others.

Also, we can’t deny that expectations don’t hurt but not always. It hurts when you don’t get the outcome you want to achieve. But this is life; you need to go through ups and downs. Learn to move on when you are hurt, don’t get stuck there. It is not simple, but you can learn from your mistakes and look forward. Right?

Accept that everyone is different in their way; we can’t control them. If they do something opposite from your expectation, then respect that and accept them for who they are. It would be beneficial for you if you did this.

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A final word

Don’t think that expectations always hurt; it’s hurt when you depend on others to do something for you. Healthily take expectations and free yourself from unrealistic expectations. Also, be aware that if you expect more from others, it will result in hurt or disappointment. So make sure you expect more from yourself, not from others. 

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