Why Spiritual Experiences are Most Important in life?

LifestyleWhy Spiritual Experiences are Most Important in life?


Why Spiritual Experiences are Most Important in life?

Spiritual knowledge is about knowing yourself better than others. If you know yourself well, you can form good relations with yourself first and then eventually a good bonding with others. Know why it is said that spiritual or religious activities help a person to connect with their inner nature. From the time we are born and till the time we die, the only person with whom we spend the maximum time is ourselves. Even though what we create with others while we spend time with them, they are only memories. Memories are like good thoughts or experiences that we shared with our loved and dear ones.

What is Spiritual Wellness?

However, when it comes to spirituality, it is something that we need to experience on our own. Someone else’s religious or spiritual experience can only give us knowledge or information of why things happened or are happening or will happen but if you really want to become a spiritual person, you need to put efforts on your own to experience the positive energy and calmness that comes with spiritual practices.

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I was not so a big believer in following old-age practices of festivals and God worship. However, when adversity struck, people started recommending reading good books on Gods and the kind feelings of human beings. It is when I got to know that the more we focus on positive energy, the more we will create a reality that is free from ill-will and more divine things start happening in life. 

Someone recommended I write Jai Shri Ram with a red ink pen on a sheet of paper daily as a mark to purify our souls from all the past hurting experiences. I believed in the idea completely and today when I stand at having 36,000 times written Jai Shri Ram in a book, I feel lighter and good from within. It is because I followed a spiritual practice thoroughly to get a positive life experience. Such experiences also make you feel great and create a good future ahead.

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