Travel tips for the joyous monsoon season

TravelTravel tips for the joyous monsoon season


Well, rains have arrived. At least, in my small city located in the state of Maharashtra, I witnessed heavy rains for the last two years at least 2 hours on both days. The view of watching the trees enjoying the rains becoming so lively made me feel as if they are dancing to the beats of the biggest music festival and that is monsoon season. Rains are not liked by one and all. Like, I know a set of people who hate rains the most because along with rains, they have to keep their homes cleaned up so that unwanted insects, worms, and even rats don’t enter their homes. They don’t like rain because they find it difficult to shop for everyday vegetables and fruits during the season. Also, the quality of fruits and vegetables is not that great because of the disturbance in the supply of the same.

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I have also seen a set of people who in fact, book resorts for staycations in many hilly areas so that they can enjoy sightseeing, become close to nature, watch the waterfalls and spend some quality time with their friends and family. So, if you are someone from this set of people, then ensure that you carry these essential items with you always so that your travel plans are rocking despite the heavy rainfall.

1) Carry an umbrella or raincoat always:

Irrespective of the fact that you are traveling for a kilometer or several km during the rainy season, ensure that you take an umbrella or raincoat with you always. Don’t go by the weather predictions written in the news or shared on the radio channels, because no one can predict the exact nature of the NATURE who is quite unpredictable during the monsoon season.

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2) Use a face mask and a sanitizer:

It is not the coronavirus pandemic alone that has pushed us to wear a mask and carry a sanitizer. It is also because of the rising number of infections in recent times that is making it mandatory to follow social distancing and also use a sanitizer whenever you touch areas in the public places. Wearing a face mask will help you to avoid inhaling the polluted air and also lower the chance of getting the infections that are rising in many areas of the country.

3) Avoid junk food:

If you have gone outside to a hotel to stay for a few days to enjoy your monsoon season, then there is no choice but to eat outside food. But make sure to avoid eating junk foods. Keep a good diet and eat only home-cooked foods as much as possible. It is so that you don’t get the risks of developing illnesses due to eating low-quality foods that are served during the monsoon season.

4) Wear synthetic clothes:

Avoid wearing cotton clothes when you travel during the rains. It is because synthetic and non-cotton clothes can make you less drenched during the monsoon. You can prefer to wear shorts if wearing long pants can make it difficult for you to walk when you are out and it is raining very badly.

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