How your travel choices can inspire your life

TravelHow your travel choices can inspire your life


Traveling alone or with your family or with your friends is completely your choice. Sometimes choices are not available if you are the head of the family and have the responsibility to take your family and children for a holiday once or twice every year. However, if you keep all the life responsibilities aside, there is one responsibility that should always be a part of your major life decisions and that is with yourself.

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Apart from traveling with others as a duty or an opportunity, you have to make a conscious travel decision to explore the outer world with yourself. It can be a simple walk or a short holiday season to enjoy yourself with YOURSELF so that you can get a break from the mundane easily. You need to plan things in advance so that the finances don’t get affected if you are away from work or personal life responsibilities. That’s why taking a spiritual or an adventure or a nature tour will always leave a huge impact on your life if you allow things to happen on their own.

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So while making the solo travel decision, how about thinking about which place have you not visited in your life? Or you can think about which is that one place where you would like to go again and again and still feel as if you are seeing something new? This decision has to be taken mindfully because it is your own travel choice that needs to give you positive energy and inspiration to lead a good life ahead.

So, if you feel good if you visit the Himalayas or an ashram in Coimbatore, then so be it. It is your personal choice that shapes your thinking and your own life. Don’t feel ashamed to share the same with others or if you feel mocked by others for your travel choices, they prefer not to share with the ones who don’t understand them. The reason you need to travel alone or with your immediate family or with your best friends to an inspiring place at least once in a while is that that’s where you will connect with the true purpose of your life.

Instead of spending a huge amount to show off a luxurious lifestyle, how about keeping your pride, ego, and bank balance amount-related thoughts away for a while and learning to live like a common man or simply a human being with no added tags or titles. Travel like no one is there to judge your clothes, your ride choices, and even the destinations you want to cover with the help of photographs and videos. You can keep the recordings for yourself to cherish when you are bogged down by everyday life’s struggles once you are back to leading a normal life.

Think about investing in your travel choice as a personal expenditure to gain something huge on a personal level. It can be as simple as the peace and joy that you feel when you meet your childhood friends or enjoy being child-like again and that feeling of happiness is what you gain in your inspiring tour. 

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