Dear Millennials, thank you for giving a boost to tourism

TravelDear Millennials, thank you for giving a boost to tourism


Millennials are the ones who are born between 1981 and 1996. People born after 1997 are the GenZ population. It means 23% of the world’s population are them. Millennials and the GenZ population are not only tech-savvy and well-understood with global things but they are not interested to save in fixed deposits for years and years and live life lonesome. They are the ones who are willing to spend on credit cards and plan to exotic places that allow them to make memories for a lifetime. In fact, their spending habits and travel plans are the reasons for the recent boost in the travel and tourism sector.

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COVID-19 was definitely a setback for the tourism and hospitality sector. But as the pandemic is in its endemic stage, millennial travelers have an increased excitement for traveling with more than 80% of them wanting to go on a family holiday every year, says a recent study. 56% of the research’s millennial travelers have expressed their desire to go on an international tour while 44% of them are comfortable with a domestic trip. This is really positive news for the travel and hospitality industry which had seen its worst times during the pandemic times.

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Millennials are not just travelers but they are also the ones who are leading India’s economic workforce. There were several orders like work-from-home and stay-at-home during the pandemic times. But the millennials who were adept with the technology ensured that they worked on time and also completed the work given to them while they were busy with the laptops during the several lockdowns imposed all over India from 2020 to 2021. As they stayed back at home for several months and even years for many, their desire to break the monotony is huge. They want to meet new people, and gain new experiences and thus, are making random travel plans, which is giving a boost to the hospitality industry like never before.

Solo travel has also become a new trend in the tourism sector wherein people are taking just a backpack and wanting to explore different places in a week’s time. There is no dearth of options in recent times with food-on-delivery apps serving tourists even if they don’t like the hotel food where they stay. Also, there are several tourism packages introduced by travel companies online and offline that allow travelers to book everything – from a flight ticket to an accommodation facility to a pick-and-drop facility to tickets for specific tourist attractions all in an hour with just clicking and paying through credit card or net banking in advance.

Millennials are indeed digital-driven travelers who use the internet for everything, right from booking tickets to checking into hotels to planning itineraries, etc. Only less human intervention is required, otherwise, the travel plans are just made easier and more comfortable through internet commands quickly. Wellness and religious travel are also one of the promising sub-sectors in the tourism industry that is picking up a lot of attraction. Travelers don’t mind buying tourism packages and spending that extra bucks just so that they don’t have to rush or keep seeking something in new places.

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