Time to buy a new iPhone for WhatsApp Addicts

TechnologyTime to buy a new iPhone for WhatsApp Addicts


Can you imagine your life without WhatsApp ???

We know the answer and rightly so as the app updates its features frequently to suit its user’s taste and preferences offering the best communication experience. With the new updates WhatsApp stops its support for older OS versions, so do check if your phone is also on the list as it will stop working on older iOS versions post-Diwali.

If your phone is currently running on an older version of iOS, you will have to either buy a new phone or update to the latest version of iOS as you will lose access to WhatsApp post Diwali. According to sources, iPhones running on iOS 10 and iOS 11 devices will stop supporting WhatsApp from Monday.

The app is constantly notifying users about the development to avoid any inconvenience for them. Basically, all the old iPhone device Users using iPhone 5 or iPhone 5C will be able to use WhatsApp after updating the iOS and WhatsApp. For iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S holders, it’s time for a Diwali gift for yourself!

Please ensure that you put your phone on auto-update or you can manually update to the newest version of iOS by going to Settings > General, then tap Software Update to get the latest iOS version.

In case you plan to buy a new iPhone, do not forget to check out some amazing deals on e commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

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