Bad News for Instagram users

TechnologyBad News for Instagram users


As the famous saying goes, nothing comes for free! There is a piece of disappointing news for Instagram app lovers. Instagram users who already find random advertisements annoying may be forced to see many more ads in their feeds. As per the blog post by published Meta, they are looking to introduce new ad formats for the app to generate more revenues.

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According to the social media major, Meta, shared the decision of adding more ad formats is being introduced for brands who would like to place ads to connect with the target audiences better on the platform. Brands selling lifestyle goods, health products, accessories, and more will now be able to deliver ads through Explore home.

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We all use Instagram for more than 2 hours a day and end up seeing plenty of ads, some relevant to us that inform us about the new offers of existing brands or sometimes we are introduced to meaningful new brands which might be useful to us. 

The company is making good use of Artificial Intelligence to show “meaningful” ads that will help read the pattern of user behavior. When a person interacts with an advertisement, the machine learning tools will prompt more such ads that the user might find useful. This is prove to be a good monetization opportunity for the brands as well as Meta but the end user might not like this new change as everyone tends to use the platform to consume different things – trends, news, quotes, art, celebrities, etc.

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