Android 14 allows users to use smartphones as webcam, know how?

TechnologyAndroid 14 allows users to use smartphones as webcam, know how?


Tech Desk – Android 14 will soon let the user use their smartphone as a webcam. Many people who are working from home need a good webcam. Thus, Android 14 will make it easy for them.

DeviceAsWebcam has been spotted by Mishaal Rahman in Android 14, suggesting that Google will let you use your phone as a webcam, and there won’t be any restrictions on how one can use their Android phone as a webcam. Users will get options such as “US Video Class” or “UVC” as standard.

Whereas, Apple’s Continuity Camera feature allows the user to use iPhone with any Mac computer, running iOS Ventura. Also, there are other use cases of the Continuity Camera feature such as – Center Stage, Desk View, Studio Light, and more.

Keep in mind that not every iPhone comes with such a feature. It only supports iOS 16.

Besides that, people use the Camo app to use their Android or iOS smartphones as a webcam. Now, Android 14 will bring the ability to connect phones with satellites. These features are expected to be revealed soon.

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