95% fall in hate speech on Twitter Since Musk running the show

Technology95% fall in hate speech on Twitter Since Musk running the show


Ahead of Elon Musk taking over Twitter, the company has shared a new trend and claims there that dangerous behavior and hate speech have seen a downward trend and reduced by almost 95%.
According to Yoel Roth who is Twitters head of trust and security and one of Musk’s most trusted men elaborated on how the new safety rules have changed the game for the platform and proved successful in combating hate speech so far.

This was shared by Roth in a tweet along with a graph attached to his tweet illustrating the difference. The company claims that they have been able to control content and have recorded about 95% less harmful content on the platform.

As soon as Musk took over Twitter he set up new rules for the company and as per the new rules, any account trying to impersonate any other person will be suspended without any prior warning.

Recently, the popular comedian and actress Kathy Griffin’s verified account was suspended by Twitter when she changed her name to Elon Musk trying to create some interesting content and catch eyeballs. Because her account had a verified tick next to the name, it created lot of confusion among the followers, leading them to believe its Elon.

Interestingly after being suspended from Twitter, Kathy rejoined twitter with her dead mother’s account.
In a Spaces conversation, Musk shared his thoughts about the new rules justifying them with the positive trend he observed. He shared that Twitters content seems to be improving over the past few weeks.

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