Sunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: Knowing nothing much is also a blessing

Sunshine SundaysSunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: Knowing nothing much is also a blessing


We crave new and recent information in the Information Age. Be it new information or old information or something that is quite ancient or historic, we want to “KNOW”. Knowing has become an addiction wherein without knowing something means we are at a lack or loss. But do you know the reality? Not knowing several things in life will also make you live life in peace rather than knowing it all and seeing it all and developing the habit of worrying. 

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Want to test this reality? Just check the small babies and how they talk or behave. They just don’t know how to behave and what to speak to a stranger. Their language of smile and love is visible on their faces which makes them most wanted and cherished by people of all age groups. When you look at kids, you will feel happy automatically. Do you know why? Because of their curious questions and funny actions that they do due to a lack of awareness.

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At the same time when you meet an elderly person who has seen it all and known it all about his century, he would not be great. He would feel his experiences are eating him up because he just does not like the fact that teenagers and youngsters behave these days. Reading newspapers have become a curse to him because he is also not liking how the world is becoming mean-minded these days.

Have you met a teenager who is in high school and how ambitious they are to grab that dream job in a top organization? The same teenager when he graduates and gets the job and also gets work experience in the same company, will not have the same happiness or active energy as he had when he was dreaming about grabbing the job. Do you know what changed? Well, it is the knowledge that he got acquired from the workplace that changed his perception. He is now feeling sick and fed up with his job that once he used to dream about having and had put in a really hard effort to get there.

Sometimes knowledge is a blessing but in several instances, a lot of knowledge and information acquisition becomes a curse. Knowing a lot of things can also make you take fewer decisions and break free from the mundane. For example, if you really build a fortune of 10 generations in your lifetime, you may develop a kind of ego and pride that will not allow you to enjoy life when you just had nothing with you. You will always be afraid of someone snatching away your wealth and that reason is enough to make you lead a boring and cursed life.

So, when someone extremely says that you don’t know this or that and why you are a loser, smile at them because you know something that is enough to keep you going and reach wherever you have reached to date.

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