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Did you say HUMANITY??

The barbarism of the Nithari and Nirbhaya incidents still run chills down our spine. Making us question how could humans be so inhumane? When one morning we wake up to realise that the boundaries of cruelty have further been crossed. This time the victim was a harmless pregnant elephant and the baby in her womb. She had eaten a pineapple laced with fire crackers, a ruthless invention of human brain.

The incident stirred the entire nation. People were filled with rage. Social media overflowed with ‘justice for vinayaki’ and ‘RIP humanity’ hashtags. But the question is how long Vinayaki will have to wait for justice? Nirbhaya, a human with every evidence against her rapists had to wait seven long years in her coffin before she got justice. In a country where the cries of humans go unheard will the voices of these oppressed animals ever be answered?

Vinayaki’s death was a case of extreme cruelty and hence it got highlighted but we can’t deny that several animals in our country face atrocities every day. Animal cruelty isn’t something unheard & unseen for us. Humans sometimes kill for need, sometimes for greed and sometimes just for fun. People brutally take out their frustration on cats, dogs, monkeys, bulls, goats etc. The pineapple which went to Vinayaki was actually meant for wild boars. Animals getting killed for their skin, tusks, nails, hair, is something we heard from our parents and they heard from theirs. It’s a shame that even we will fail to pass on a world that is kind to its animals to our future generations.

These cases of animal cruelty make us doubt the animal rights in our country and question the effectiveness of PETA. However, at the same time they should also make us question ourselves. Are we relieved of our duties just by posting our concern and support on social media? Is our rage for our animal friends so fake and short lived that the headlines of next day can make us forget it? If not, then no matter how small it is we all must make an effort for the wellbeing of animals. You might not be able to take a rifle and guard animals being victims of poaching every year. But you can definitely stop buying products for which these animals are killed and also inspire others to refrain from it. You can be a part of NGOs which work for animal welfare. If you don’t want to be actively involved, yet help then you can provide monetary aid to animal welfare organisations. And if you need even simpler solution then you can buy medicines for the sick cat in your street, give your discarded blanket to that stray dog which shivers outside your building gate in biting cold. Wait a few days before you break that bird’s nest on your roof, let those eggs hatch and young birds fly. In summers keep a bowl of water outside your house for animals. Most important, next time you see anyone torturing an animal in your vicinity, don’t just pass by. Raise your voice against it.

As I write this article another news of a pregnant cow being fed explosives in Himachal flashes in news. One more; how many more …

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