Sunshine Sundays with Buzinessbytes: How you can get rid of Self-destruction

Sunshine SundaysSunshine Sundays with Buzinessbytes: How you can get rid of Self-destruction


Self-destruction may seem like quite a big word but unknowingly people are getting into the habit of ruining themselves for a long time before. I met a woman the other day who was sharing how difficult it is for her to lead a normal life despite the coronavirus pandemic times. The hatred that was stored in her subconscious mind for living in an unjustified world was quite evident. It is so that everyone is looking out for peace and happiness in the world but little do people know that their habits are the root causes of landing them in major troubles in life.

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The woman continued telling me how she fought for her son against his wife and made him sign the divorce papers. She also shared how challenging it was for her to get over the loss of her aged husband during the pandemic times. She was hugely disappointed with the government and the related systems because they are of no use in helping senior women like her. She compared how her world of times was quite better than the current times where people lived.

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Her sad story made me wonder what might have struck this woman to take such random acts of wrong decisions that spoiled so many lives all in one go. It was nothing but depression combined with old age issues that was making the woman feel so dissatisfied all the time in her life. At times we get into self-destructive habits unknowingly and all our negativity gets stored in our subconscious mind so that we can remove them all at one go on a person or an event. If you are also a victim of your life events and are into behaving self-destructively, then here are some ways for you to get rid of the same.

For the unaware, self-destructive behavior is when a person does things repeatedly to harm their mind, physical body, or both. These habits can be mild or quite dangerous as well. In case you are getting into self-destructive behavior, here are some ways to overcome the problems.

1) Accept that you are in pain. Accepting that you have a problem that needs to be solved will go a long way in breaking the cycle of self-destruction.

2) Find out what is the main problem. If you check what is it that makes it difficult to live or think properly, then it will help you a lot in breaking the self-destructive patterns of living and thinking.

3) Start changing your patterns slowly. For example, if you have the habit of accusing someone for no fault of theirs, then next time you can first think of what is bothering you and then speak or not speak.

4) Don’t believe in negative self-talk about yourself and even about others. For example, you may have kept high expectations from yourself and others that may make it impossible for you to believe that this is how much can be achieved. So, instead of making things complicated, you can set realistic expectations for yourself and work on your life’s goals without much worry.

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