Sunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: Practice gratitude to your nation

Sunshine SundaysSunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: Practice gratitude to your nation


Thankfulness or expressing gratitude to your nation i.e. India is one of the best ways to celebrate Independence Day which is tomorrow. 15th August 2022 marks the 75th year of Indian Independence Day. No doubt people are doing all that they can to make the occasion a grand one. However, once the day is done, people get back to their normal life and start talking about the shortcomings of the nation just like before.

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It is natural for a common man to keep blaming the government or higher officials for not serving the basic needs of a common man properly. However, whatever we have right now at this moment in India is all due to the hard work and efforts of the people who worked tirelessly to ensure that the people of the country stay safe and live peacefully. So, whenever you are fed with negative thoughts about a progressing country like India on corruption, malpractices, and lack of proper amenities, just try to look at the positive things.

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When you get the food on the table, thank the farmers and all the people involved in the food industry who work tirelessly to ensure that you get nutritious foods on a daily basis. Whenever you watch movies on your TV or do some work on your laptop or read some books in your leisure time, thank your teachers and all the people in the education industry who worked sincerely to help you to learn properly and improve your writing and reading skills.

Whenever you feel that foreign countries are far better in terms of infrastructure, wealth accumulation, and living facilities, among others, think about the slums where poor people live in India and still make a livelihood and compare it with your living standards. It is not always the negativity that you should focus on but see how people from villages work so hard and progress in their lives so that their future generations can live well.

All that you have today is because your ancestors started with whatever they had hundreds of years back. They built something with their available resources that made them give away their knowledge, wealth, and spiritual practices to lead meaningful lives for future generations. So, when you get an opportunity like Independence Day, show gratitude to your ancestors, express thankfulness to all the people who have helped you come this far, and definitely thank the freedom fighters and the sacrifices of their families because of whom today you are living in a democratic country like India.

Not just for one day of the year should you have this habit of being thankful to India and its people. It should be a practice that you should continue throughout the year. When you fill out any bank form or any online form, don’t feel shy to be an Indian but be proud of all the achievements that India has achieved in the last 75 years after getting freedom. Don’t go by criticism that the country faces and neither listen to only the complaints against the existing system. There are pros and cons for each and everything in life, so try focusing on what is good and do something to improve the shortfalls of the nation.

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