Sunshine Sundays with Buzinessbytes: Love humans and not things

Sunshine SundaysSunshine Sundays with Buzinessbytes: Love humans and not things


Human beings are the gifts of God to the world. Although there are varied views between medical science and spiritual science, there is only one humanity, which forms the basis of everything in this world. Humanity is often taken for granted these days because materialism is taking over in the form of technology and digitalization. Well, not all humans are acting like robots as of now, thankfully but there has been growing importance given to smartphones, digital devices, social media platforms, internet technologies, etc. more than before.

What is World View?

People or humans were created by the Universe to be loved. Whereas, things were created by humans only to be used to make the lives of humans comfortable and convenient. However, the world is in chaos right now because things are being loved and people are being used. Loving humans comes in the form of respect, affection, honor, recognition, appreciation, gratitude, and also understanding. On the other hand, using things comes in the form of putting material things to some use so that the lives of humans are much more evolved and developed than in earlier times.

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Then why is there a mismatch in people’s minds, especially Gen Z wherein they are finding it difficult to balance the love for humans more than things? Gen Z thinks that they know it all, thanks to Google and other books that definitely contain expert advice. But what humans know about their journeys and their personal experiences is something that no internet can record accurately. For example, if a kid faces a friendship issue with his college classmate, he need not start online trolling his friend to vent his frustration. Just talking to his dad or mom who might have gone through similar situations in life would help him gain more clarity than ending up doing injustice to himself and his friend online.

When your boss at the internship office is mid-aged and doesn’t understand your young age needs, it doesn’t mean you expect him to resign and have a new young boss at the office. Replacing people is not the right solution for every problem in your life. Dealing with such different-minded people and co-existing with them to get your work goals met is how you should look at the problem as. 

On the other hand, even materialistic-minded millennials have started thinking that replacing the elderly staff in the workplace would give them more productivity and faster output. This kind of thinking is not just dangerous to the workplace but also to the entire millennial community who would reach doom in their lives if they don’t know to respect their older generations.

Similarly, if the older generation thinks that they don’t want to associate with younger staff because of their impulsive nature and lack of in-depth ideas, then it is again a gloomy world. Because no generation is perfect and living with each generation and understanding their needs only will help to build a better world to live in. This kind of holistic thinking will only help people to come out of the possessions of things and hatred towards humans.

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