PM Met Teen Para Archer’s ‘Blessings Full of Faith’ as She won 3 Medals at Hangzhou.

SportsPM Met Teen Para Archer's 'Blessings Full of Faith' as She won...


PM Narendra Modi met with the teen para archer, Sheetal Devi. She is only a 16-year-old girl who created a successful history and won 3 medals at the Para Asian games in Hangzhou, China. One of the tweets on this is shared by Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw. In this tweet, PM Modi appeared to give a blessing to Teen para archer, with his right hand on the head of the girl. Due to this, the post caption is “blessings full of faith.” 

Who is a teen para archer

The teen para archer who recently won 3 medals at the para Asian games is Sheetal Devi. 16 years ago, Sheetal Devi was the only female international para-athlete who paved her feet successfully in the world. She defied the odds, which helped her to win multiple medals of Gold and some silver medals at the Para Asian Games in Hangzhou. 

She belongs to the remote village of Loi Dhar from Jammu and Kashmir. She hails from Kishtwar district. She was born with a rare congenital disorder, Phocomelia, that results in not developing limbs.  

Journey of Sheetal Devi

As we tell you, the sheetal devi was born with a rare congenital disorder. She was born without arms. Still, she participated in the Para Asian Games and won 3 medals. She defied all odds to become the armless female champion archer of the world. It shows her passion, talent, encouragement, faith, and confidence to get success. Her Journey from her homeland, rugged mountains, to the international sports area highlights the power of the human spirit. 

The Journey of this girl started when the Indian army spotted her at a sports youth event in 2019 in Kishtwar. In the beginning, she planned to get her prosthetic arm, but when it did not work, she planned to do archery. Despite her struggles in life, she never lost hope and practiced consistently for months till she was able to live to bow properly. 

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How does PM Modi welcome Sheetal Devi?

In the inspirational and heartwarming meeting, PM Modi welcomed the 16-year-old girl, Sheetavl Devi. She belongs to the Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir. This meeting shows her exceptional achievement at the Asian Games in Hangzhou. 

What treatment options are chosen by Sheetal Devi

Sheetal Devi will take up archery in 2022. With this, she can use her feet to handle arrows and bow, a technique followed by a popular armless archer named Matt Stutzman. She is seated on a chair and uses her right leg to raise her bow. In this way, she set the aim to pull the string back by her right shoulder. During the treatment of archery, a small instrument is put in her mouth, fashioned by a coach, and she gets help to release the arrow. 


The teen para archer is Sheetal Devi. She is a 16 years old girl who suffers from a congenital disorder. With a lot of struggles in her life, she won 3 medals, 2 gold medals, and 1 silver medal in the Hangzhou Asian Games. On this, PM Narendra Modi congratulated her.

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