What causes winter vagina? Know here

RelationshipWhat causes winter vagina? Know here


What causes winter vagina? Know here

Winter is a beautiful season, but it has well-known negative effects on the skin and hair. In the winter, we’ve all experienced our hair being dry and brittle. We’ve all experienced chapped and dry lips, but few of us have any idea what a ‘winter vagina’ is.

The dry winter and autumn air dehydrates the body, causing cracking and dehydration of the skin. At the same time, our sinuses get dry. During this time, the vaginal area may also become dry.

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We breathe in air that contains very little moisture when we spend a lot of time in air-conditioned rooms or even when the room heating is set on. Dryness can affect every aspect of our bodies, including our private areas. Many doctors say that while climate change can have a significant impact on a woman’s vagina, they believe there should be a summer vagina,just as there is a ‘winter vagina.’

However, vaginal dryness is caused by low oestrogen levels, certain drugs, and thrush, and has nothing to do with the temperature outdoors. The vagina can adapt effectively to all seasons since it is located in the deepest recesses of the human body, where it maintains a consistent temperature.

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When someone is suffering from heatstroke, their body temperature rises in lockstep with the outside temperature. Vaginal dryness is a significant condition that affects women of all ages. It’s not only embarrassing, but it can also make sex extremely uncomfortable.

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