Tips to re-ignite the passion in your love life after the 40s

RelationshipTips to re-ignite the passion in your love life after the 40s


The 40s is considered to be middle-aged, at least for couples who already have kids and have cleared the home and other personal loans. In modern times, however, some people don’t consider themselves old even if they cross the 60s because people date and even get married after they have crossed middle age for several reasons. If you and your spouse have been not on good terms of late due to family and work-related responsibilities, here are some ways to add the fire of passion to your love life.

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1) Hold hands while walking together:

Couples over a period of time don’t feel like coming together and walking together after they have crossed their romantic phase. However, some men and women still crave small romantic gestures like holding hands while walking or talking, or sitting together. If you find your spouse all home alone and watching the television set, just sit next to her and keep staring at her continuously. You can also hold her hands and show your innocent love-craving face to her to make her realize how much you are in love with her. If you both are shopping together, holding her hands by surprise and sharing some romantic lines will just make her feel shy and blushed.

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2) Visit beaches often:

Couples as they age think that roaming out on beaches and trendy places is only reserved for youngsters. But that’s not the fact, if your spouse feels good if you both visit a beach together, then take her to her favorite spot once every 15 days. You can also recollect all the good memories of your younger days and share with each other how you both found each other funny and lovely. The more you talk about the good romantic past, the more you both will feel closer and that can also lead to intimacy if required.

3) Do her favorite thing at least once a week:

Spouses get tired of doing all the work all alone. Family responsibilities are tiresome if they are managed poorly. If your spouse doesn’t complain or yell at you for the undone tasks at home, it doesn’t mean she enjoys doing it all alone. You can help her out wherever and whenever possible. Also, you can do her favorite thing to make her feel special – like making a special coffee or some snack items that she loves the most. 

4) Give her the foot or back massage:

Ladies often have several bodily complaints but as the couple distances themselves in conversations, they would prefer sharing with the doctor than their husbands. So, don’t take your wife for granted for her sincerity and commitment towards you and the family. You can often touch her legs and massage them and thank her for being so helpful and understanding towards your requirements. You never know how blessed she would feel and may feel like hugging and kissing you after your kind gesture.

Don’t judge yourself and your spouse by your looks and appearances. Love is in the heart, and looks just don’t matter in true romance.

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