Tips to form an ever-lasting bond with your friends

RelationshipTips to form an ever-lasting bond with your friends


It is very obvious that on Friendship Day, we all will be talking about only friends and the bond that we share with each other. Friendship Day is not just a day for and about friends. It is a day wherein you cherish the relationship that you share with your friends. I remember when I had been to one of my friend’s marriage, she immediately called me on the stage when she saw me entering the hall. She grabbed my hand and introduced me to her husband saying that “because of this girl, I am today a graduate and I will never forget what she has done for me in my life”. 

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I was really overwhelmed by her sweet gesture and I really felt as if all the hard work I had to do to ensure that my best friend could manage her studies and pass her exams, has been paid off by her one single and simple compliment. Many times we touch people’s lives unknowingly and we also get the chance to be touched by others who come into our lives as a blessing but nothing else. Here I share with you some tips on how you can be a blessing to your friends and help you create an ever-lasting bond with them.

1) Give them as much personal space as they want:

Friends don’t like to be criticized or dominated like parents. The relationship that we share with our parents and partners comes out of societal and moral responsibilities. But it doesn’t work the same with your friends. After all, it is a heart-to-heart connection wherein you don’t need to give explanations if either of you doesn’t turn up for birthday or anniversary parties. It is an understood fact among friends that life does take a toll and not everyone can live up to each other’s expectations as time passes by. So, when your friend wants that personal space and time to not be in touch with you, just don’t fret but instead give an understanding expression. At the end of the day or time, best friends connect back and gel with each other in the best possible way.

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2) Don’t bring comparisons in the picture:

You might have many best friends but if you keep comparing each one with the other, there are chances that your friends will fall out soon. For example, if your one friend is the one who always turns up for the parties and the other friend doesn’t come to you at all in social gatherings citing personal reasons, there are chances that you are doing the wrong way of handling friendships. You need to be thankful to each of your friends for the way they are. Don’t bring comparisons and hurt your friends verbally or emotionally if you are really looking for an ever-lasting bond.

3) Help as much as you can:

Your friend may need a lot of help in terms of managing his life responsibilities, emotional issues, and various other things that bother him in his career. You need to be a helping hand and a listening ear for all your friends’ problems if you are really looking for evolving your friendship. Don’t expect that you have helped him with 10 things so he should also help with 10 more things. Expectations can really hamper the relationship so keep the bond with realistic expectations only.

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