Tips to become a world-class hugger for your spouse

RelationshipTips to become a world-class hugger for your spouse


You may be called unromantic by your wife several times because you don’t keep pampering her the way you used to in your initial days of the relationship. But such criticism shouldn’t be taken otherwise and instead, you should work on your relationship goals with a clear and clean mindset. Here is how you can break the tag of unromanticism from your life and earn the tag of the world’s best hugger for your wife or partner.

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1) Talk to her in a sensual tone:

Whenever she comes to you cribbing about her life’s problems and telling you how life has become a difficult journey, take her aside. Distract her words with some beautiful romantic statements like “You look so gorgeous today in this attire”, “how come you have mastered the art of cooking biryani in a short span?”, “Why don’t you come with me to this beach where we can spend some quality time, away from family and work?”, “how are things going to improve in our life if you keep looking to me so sensually when I am doing some important work?” When you keep repeating such one-liners to your wife, she will surely blush and that’s the beautiful opportunity to give her the required hugs.

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2) Your hug should be as per the situation:

Keep hugging softly and strongly as per the situation. If she is sad, you can hug her softly to make her feel that you are there with her. If she is upset with you for several reasons, you can hug her tightly to make her realize that no matter how imperfect you are, your love for her won’t disappear due to the challenges and problems in your life. If she is sitting idle and just like that, you can simply go and give her a romantic hug to get her in the mood for more kisses. Don’t be kanjoos while hugging. Hug her to make her realize that she can rely on you no matter the situation and challenges in your life.

3) Hug her for no reason:

Like you don’t any reason to hug your wife or a life partner. Whether she looks pale or dull without any makeup or she looks tired cooking for you and your family, just go and hug her and make her feel warm. You never know how your one hug can give her the required energy to forget all the worries and go on with life like nothing is wrong. Make her feel special even in no-occasion moments as that will define your love for her. 

4) Demand hugs for your hug:

So, if you give her a hug, ask her to give you 10 hugs in exchange of your one hug. Well, that is being quite smart but the more times you both come closer and understand your bodies well, you will ward off all the negative energies from your life that are stopping you to set relationship goals. So, keep the formula simple for her to understand. It is 1 hug = 1*10 hugs. She will hesitate for sure but convincing her is no difficult job for you.

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