Tips from elderly couples on long-term relationships

RelationshipTips from elderly couples on long-term relationships


Nowadays in modern times, relationships have become fragile. It starts with friendship then dating then hooking up then getting married and then divorce proceedings. This has become the latest trend picked up by celebrities or rich people in the country followed by youngsters who come from higher-class backgrounds. People getting into a relationship and breaking apart has become more common due to several reasons best known to them. Here are some tips from elderly couples on how they maintained their relationships with their romantic ones.

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1) Have mutual respect:

Whether your partner is right or wrong, Anantha who is 77 years old says that you need to have mutual respect. Even if your partner is completely wrong, you need to learn to convince him or her rather than putting the entire blame on them for the wrongdoings. If your partner is right, then learn to acknowledge your partner’s true intentions to save the relationship, family, and marriage.

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2) Divide the work equally:

Two hands cannot do it all. And that’s why Krishna who is 86 years old says that he assists his wife in her chores even at this age. Due to the lack of good maids in society, the elderly couple manages their household chores by dividing the work equally. If a person is sick and cannot do the chores, then such chores are not done at all so that the person who is working doesn’t feel the pain. 

3) Show your care often:

It shouldn’t go in your ego to apply pain balm on your partner’s legs, said Mathew whose wife suffers from walking issues. Mathew also shared how he doesn’t allow his wife to walk much or strain much for his chores and takes the help of a neighbor to get the essential items at home. Mathew also said that criticizing your partner for their flaws is a sin and that should be avoided at all costs to keep your partner happy.

4) Give them enough space:

Vasanthi who is 69 years old shared that her husband who is 11 years elder than her doesn’t mind if she leaves him alone for 3 months to meet her daughter in another state. Vasanthi also shared how not intervening in the personal matters of her husband and trusting him in his decision-making process has kept the marriage intact no matter what. Giving each other space and time is the key to successful and long-term relationships.

5) Don’t boss or dominate:

No matter what job title your partner holds in the office, learn to respect him at home for whoever he is, said Manisha whose husband has just crossed 60. Although she is 5 years younger than her husband, Manisha shared that she finds herself quite more mature emotionally than her husband. But that doesn’t make him feel less than him because Manisha ensures that she consults her husband in all that she does as a wife and an important member of their entire family.

Above are some of the tips taken from real elderly couples who live together for the past 30 or 40 years with lots of disagreements and differences. However, their love and trust in the marriage institution make them stay together in all the phases of life.

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