Signs to know if your partner is mentally sick

RelationshipSigns to know if your partner is mentally sick


Nowadays mental health is a growing concern among people across all age groups. If a person in your family has a mental health issue, it doesn’t mean they need to be separated from you. Common mental health problems can be sorted out with therapy and medications while severe mental health issues need to have detailed intervention. When it comes to marital life, there is a list of huge expectations set by couples and their family members. Even if a partner visits a family function alone, he is asked by several family members why their partner didn’t also accompany them and if all is well. That is the kind of society we live in. So, if your partner has been facing mental health issues and you are unsure about the same, here are some signs you can spot on and share with a Counselor or Psychologist:

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1) Your partner keeps you emotionally distant:

Your partner may be good at speaking with others but when it comes to sharing his actual emotions, he may keep you distant from his reality. He or she may also use tactics like blaming you for not giving enough time to the relationship for not having the emotional bonding. Your partner may also start nitpicking every time you try to come near to them and also find faults or flaws in your looks, career, personal life, and family members. Despite being perfect, your partner will still try to create problems for you in your daily life, thus making your life a living hell despite having no major differences or issues.

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2) Your partner has become a pro at criticizing and comparing:

You may try to give your 1000% to make the relationship work by doing things only your partner’s way. Yet, your partner will know how to demean you by comparing your cooking skills or any other work with that of professionals or his cousins or friends. When you confront him about how much effort you are taking to put things right on the table, he or she would still criticize you and find faults that are not of yours but his brain trying to create friction in your marital life.

3) Your partner doesn’t believe in being happy forever:

Your partner would want you to quit your job even if the salary that you earn is helping him to have a better lifestyle. When your family members arrive at your home, he or she would make sure to not meet them and be occupied with some other work. If you try to calm things down by being more compassionate and understanding towards your partner’s needs, he or she will still try to keep blaming you and accuse you of not giving him or her a happy marital life despite the reason that he is the drama-maker.

Although nowadays people consider these issues to be silly and think that there is nothing wrong with your partner’s thinking, if you think his comments and perspectives are spoiling your mind and life’s view in general, you can start taking the help of therapy or talk to a marriage expert to come out of the mess.

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