Relationship tips for couples to complete silver jubilee anniversary

RelationshipRelationship tips for couples to complete silver jubilee anniversary


I met a couple recently who completed their 25 years of marriage. Surprisingly, the couple is childless but they respect each other like no other thing. There are no major differences between the couple and I was wondering how come they had similar interests and similar decision-making abilities. So, I decided to speak to each other individually and also together. In my questions that I had to ask as a curious youngster about what made this couple stick for 25 years of marriage with no major issues amid the ongoing rising cases of divorce in India, I found many interesting responses and life lessons that I will cherish for a lifetime.


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The couple when got married were polar opposites in their likes and dislikes. In food habits itself, the woman liked curd a lot whereas, the man ran away even when he heard the word curd. Apart from food choices, there were several other differences in looking at life as well. The man loved to look at short-term planning whereas, the wife looked at life as a major event that has decisions to be taken on a long-term basis.

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So, when I quizzed how this couple turned out to complete a silver jubilee of marriage, the answer I got surprised me the most. The couple said that they respected and trusted each other for everything they did. They gave enough space and personal time to each other to follow their hobbies, and interests and even took decisions that helped them evolve as human beings and a couple.

It was not that they didn’t have arguments but whenever they fought over any small or major issue, they went back to each other and apologized for their wrong or harsh behavior. They thought about life as a journey full of ups and downs and never thought that it would be an easy ride. This firm thinking helped them sail the journey. They never gave up on each other even when the couple faced bankruptcy. They never blamed each other when they made major financial errors. Instead, they always helped to overcome the challenging situation together.

The couple even never doubted each other’s capabilities when they remained childless. It is not that the couple didn’t visit the doctor’s clinics but they decided to take that as an opportunity to consider themselves as kids for themselves. I still remember how the couple gifted each other dolls and stuff to pamper themselves on their birthdays, and wedding anniversaries, among others.

The fantastic thing about the couple is that they considered each other’s parents as their own and never distinguished them as the woman or man’s parents. They ensured to take care of the couple’s parents during their old age and even spent each and everything for the betterment of their lives. The couple also went on short trips to religious and spiritual places and prayed for the well-being of the entire family members and friends.

One major thing that they said for other couples is to keep expectations realistic and be flexible to adapt to changes that come in life.

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