Reasons you would remain a bachelor for your whole life

RelationshipReasons you would remain a bachelor for your whole life


Have you ever wondered why no girl looks at you and tries flirting with you? If the answer is NO, then it means you are not interested in settling down in your life and having a family of your own. If the answer is NO due to a breakup or confidence issues, then you need to know the reasons that you have been putting off girls to enter your life.

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1) You don’t thank any woman in your life:

Be it your mom or sister or a friend, you have been quite egoistic about being a male member of your family or society. This egoism is making you develop a sense of pride that is costing you a lot. Because you are not able to win the respect and adoration of the female members of your life. How about thanking the women in your life for whatever role they play to help you reach wherever you are? This will really make a difference because you never know your sister may have already liked some classmate for you as your lover but your behavior is stopping her to introduce the lucky someone to you.

2) Not looking at any girl in any public place:

Women fall for men who are actively seeking out a life partner. If you have closed the doors of your life by taking an oath to not look at any woman in any public space or family function, then women get the notion that you are genuinely not interested in love matters or relationships or marriage. This will make them not come into your life even by self-introducing themselves because your behavior is making you look like a “bored one” in the lot.

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3) Passing rude comments about women in general:

If you have been known in your group to pass only rude comments about women, then make sure you are not going to get the right one ever in your life. When you spread negativity about women in general with people around you, no other woman or even a man may really like your regressive ideas and negative perception of women. In such a scenario, you are making ways for remaining a bachelor in your life for a longer duration.

4) Not learning how to treat women:

If you have been known to only ill-treat women, then you are never going to win any woman’s heart ever in your life. You need to learn to speak to women in a softer and more respectful tone even if the woman is a maid by profession. Learning to treat women will attract more eyeballs as you will win female friends quite easily. This will increase your chances of getting noticed and also getting recommended for marriage proposals in your community or society in general.

More or less, if you want to remain a bachelor forever, then don’t try to change yourself. However, if you want to change your single status to married or in-relationship, then you need to bring a huge transformation in your behavior and actions.

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