How to win the trust of your new love partner

RelationshipHow to win the trust of your new love partner


How to win the trust of your new love partner

Trust is a small word but it has a huge effect on people’s lives. Once the trust is broken in any romantic relationship, it means it will not survive further. Trust is important for any relationship to sail in the beautiful journey called life. Whether you are married to a new spouse or you are entering into a new relationship with your partner, here are some ways to win over their trust and also trust them for your togetherness.

When your partner shows no interest in physical intimacy

1) Love them with trust:

When you hold their hands with yours, when you hug them, when you kiss them, do it with passion and trust that whatever acts of love you are sharing with them are specially meant for them and no one else. You need to help them understand that they mean the world to you and there is no one else in your life with whom you can be so close and live forever. 

2) Explain to them your fears:

Many times couples only share their strengths but fail to tell what they fear the most. If you are afraid of losing them, then tell them. If you are afraid that you will lose your job or you have a lot of financial difficulties then be frank about the same. Do not make things challenging for them by keeping secrets about your health issues or personal matters. The more you are openly sharing your problems and situations as they are without hurting them of course, the more they will be able to trust your talks and behaviors.

Hindu petitioners in Gyanvapi case to form new trust

3) Promise your partner about life forever:

You need to promise your partner often that you are not looking at a future without them. You need to help them know your true feelings of love and care for them when they are not around. You also need to take the marriage vows if you are very much serious about your relationship. Remember when you put things in place, your partner will really trust you and ensure that they give their best to your relationship.

4) Talk about your past without becoming emotional:

If yours is a rag-to-riches story or a girlfriend breaking your heart and leaving you mid-way in your life’s journey or you cheating on someone with money, or whatever your past is all about – JUST SHARE IT. There is no way that your partner should not be informed about what you went through in your past if you really want a better future. You can keep things short and crisp rather than making it a huge blow to them. 

5) Talk and also act:

If you promise your partner that you plan to secure their future financially, then take some LIC policies, get some savings put on Fixed deposits or register their names as a nominee in your financial investments. You have to prove your love to your new partner in all ways possible and not just simply talk and not act. 

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