How to encourage your partner to become financially stable

RelationshipHow to encourage your partner to become financially stable


Couples these days are going through a hectic lifestyle on both personal and professional fronts. Everyone is chasing their dream home, dream car, a dream bike, and that foreign tour once a year. But to get all these, efforts have to be made in both the personal and professional lives of both the partners in a marital or romantic relationship. After all, two hands are not enough to feed food and run the family. More the hands, meaning more the earning members in your family, more you will be able to sustain all good and bad times financially as well.

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If your partner is a homemaker or has quit her job due to caretaking or homely responsibilities, here are some ways in which you can encourage them to look at becoming financially independent.

1) Help your woman get a job:

These days, women are going ahead in all areas of life. If your spouse has been at home thinking that she won’t get a job because of a career break or lack of opportunities for women, you can change the notion. You can motivate your wife to keep working for her personal and professional goals by making her confident. You can update her CV and also send it to the people in your network so that they can find a suitable job for your spouse.

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2) Enroll her in a relevant course:

If your wife has been not a part of the industry for quite a while, then it is better if you register her name to a program of her choice that can be done online or offline classes. This will help her get the basics right and also get the required confidence to talk about the area of her interest to people in her network and eventually showcase the improved self-esteem to the professional network in the long run.

3) Get her enrolled in financial schemes:

There are many financial programs and schemes run by the government and private financial institutions like fixed deposits, recurring deposits, Public provident funds, post office MIS schemes, etc. where you can put her savings and help her earn the interest on the money saved. You can even encourage her to convert her hobbies into a profession and save that money to become financially independent.

4) Trust her instincts and knowledge:

If your wife says that she is better off at home and would like to do some part-time or freelance jobs so that she can take care of your family well, then let her do the same. You can add her CV to job websites like jobsforher, naukri, indeed where there are many gig projects available for women who are stay-at-home moms or work as caregivers to take care of elderly in-laws and parents at home. Give her the freedom to decide the career of her choice and she will surely make it big if you trust her wholeheartedly.

Last but not the least, allow her to evolve at her own pace and time. You never know your beautiful spouse may utilize the slow pace of time to evolve into a well-stable entrepreneur in the due course of time. So, just work together and understand each other well.

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