How to be sure that you are worth more than your breakup or separation

RelationshipHow to be sure that you are worth more than your breakup...


If you are getting sleepless nights wherein you remember the moments of your breakup or separation from your partner, then you are really a sad soul at this moment. Your partner broke off the relationship with you because he or she wanted to move on in their life. There can be several reasons why a relationship didn’t or doesn’t work. Taking all the blame on you just because your partner found only flaws in your personality and the love that you had for her or him felt short, doesn’t make you a bad person overall. 

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You may have even tried to patch up because that is how you have been brought up in your life. But if your ex doesn’t feel or think the same way, then there is no point in further discussion. You can simply accept the fact of your separation or breakup and find more interesting ways to live your life. I have seen many guys or girls who were rejected by their partners either in courtship or marriage or while they were dating to be quite submissive and even having low self-esteem.

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It is because their hearts have been broken by their partners who did nothing good while they were with them and in fact, did more worse by sharing nasty things about the relationship in public thus, making such people feel worse from the inside. If you are someone who is thinking less about yourself just because you had a breakup or got separated from your partner, here are some ways to improve your life.

1) Understand the importance of YOU:

When it comes to living a life, you might have imagined everything by thinking about your partner. But now as you are alone, you need to acknowledge your own self, your inner needs, and what is it that makes you feel good. You don’t want to walk that path wherein you go back to your partner and beg him or her to be back with you. You need to create your own new identity wherein you realize what you are capable of, and how you can attract much better things and really awesome people in your life who will realize your value and worth.

2) Get a makeover:

Well, you don’t really need that pricey attire that celebs wear at their party or events. All you need is to dress differently than the earlier. Probably you have been fond of looking in a particular manner. How about changing that habit not for others but for your own new self? You can simply get a new haircut done, or choose different colors for your shirts and attire that you never tried before. You can try wearing western attire if you have been too traditional all this while and vice versa. More than attracting eyeballs, you will be attracting positivity that will make you feel good and improve your self-worth.

3) Start a new chapter in your life:

Settling down just doesn’t involve a partner, it also includes a lot many other things. Like getting a new vehicle, investing in property or shares, taking up a new job assignment, or roaming to a completely off-location that you always wanted to visit. Whatever comes to your mind, just go ahead and do it and make it known as the new YOU with a new phase in your life.

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