Healthy habits of successful and long-term married couples

RelationshipHealthy habits of successful and long-term married couples


Marriage is an institution that teaches couples many things in life. However, these days marriage has lost interest in many young couples. The news of divorce and separation has become more common in the 21st century. Some blame the western culture’s influence on youngsters while some blame their destiny for not having a life partner to share their worries and happiness in recent times. Whatever the reason, here we share some healthy habits that couples who are married for 40 years or 50 years follow so that they can inspire the youngsters to follow suit.

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1) Know to respect your spouse:

Your spouse may be right or wrong but it doesn’t matter to her if he or she fails. What matters to them is how much are you willing to support them when they fail. Instead of blaming them for their decisions, know to respect their views and attempt to explore various aspects of life. Never shout at your partner unreasonably and never show your anger by beating them. This leaves a very bad impact on them that makes them feel resentment and hatred towards you. This can also impact your future relationship with them because one bad incident has the potential to burn all the good memories that you created for them.

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2) It is okay if your spouse has a different view:

Long-term married couples don’t always do the same thing as a couple always. If one partner likes to eat vegetarian foods at home only, they don’t mind the other partner having an interest in trying restaurant-made foods. If one partner wants to travel to the south during the vacation, the other partner doesn’t feel afraid to express his view to travel to the north. It is a give-and-take policy that they follow in all aspects that makes their relationship move and go ahead. If one partner falls sick, the other partner doesn’t blame or criticize them for their habits but instead takes care of them and wishes them to recover soon.

3) Love and affection always remain in heart:

If you might have noticed aged couples who live longer together, you would have realized how they never share how much they love and need each other in words. All they share is their responsibilities towards each other in various ways. Their affection remains in their heart and it is hidden there for each other to explore in their expressions and actions to understand. An old woman, even if her husband taunts her, would get up from her bed early in the morning to plan for the menu for her husband’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner no matter what. Same way, the old man, even if his old wife looks fragile, would not mind bringing flowers or getting a saree for her on different occasions. That’s how the relationships were in the olden days where show-off wasn’t prioritized but the true understanding was.

In the 21st century, it is going to be really difficult to find couples living for 40-50 years under the same roof but as they say, if you give it a try, you never know how your spouse will turn out to be your best friend in the coming years.

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