Why did UK author Nitasha Kaul not get permission to enter India?

NewsWhy did UK author Nitasha Kaul not get permission to enter India?


In response to Nitasha Kaul’s claim that she was turned away at the airport, the MEA stated that it is up to them to decide who is permitted entry into the nation.

The country’s decision to grant entry to a foreign national is a sovereign one, according to MEA spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal, who clarified on Thursday why UK writer Nitasha Kaul was refused entry. The writer, currently residing in the UK, basically from Kashmir, used a social media platform known as Twitter, to share her story of being refused entry. Based on her previous articles criticizing the RSS, Kaul claimed the order originated in New Delhi. Leaders of the BJP labeled Nitasha Kaul as a “known terrorist sympathizer” who disseminated propaganda against India. 

He refused entry into India for giving a speech about constitutional and democratic values. The government of Karnataka, a state ruled by the Congress party, invited me as an esteemed delegate to a conference, but the Center denied me entry. My UK passport and OCI were both valid and up-to-date. Nitasha’s post on X started a verbal spat among the Congress and the BJP. In a letter to Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Karnataka VHP leader Girish Bharadwaj asked the ministry to revoke Nitasha Kaul’s OCI card after questioning the Congress government in Karnataka about inviting her. She travels to India on a regular basis with ill intentions that are detrimental to our nation’s interests. Bharadwaj wrote that the Union government ought to inform every state government to abstain from inviting Dr. On February 22, this specific UK citizen, Nitasha Kaul, arrived in India. As you are aware, the decision to allow foreign nationals into the country is made at the sovereign level. According to the MEA spokesperson, “I leave it at that.”

Nitasha claimed that the right-wing milieu in India was threatening to kill her after she was deported. I am not a Muslim convert, I am not engaged to a Pakistani, I am not a communist, I am not a jihadi, I am not a supporter of terrorism, I am not anti-Indian, and I am not an ally of China or a puppet of the West. Nitasha Kaul wrote, “I am what authoritarians fear—a thinking woman.” Ministers from Karnataka claimed it was just another instance of the BJP violating state government rights. Karnataka Minister H. C. Mahadevappa stated that the government of Karnataka has the right to both host professionals who may make significant contributions to how the state’s growth and the national interest can be furthered and to organize a convention on the Constitution.


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