Truckers end Protest: Hit-and-Run Law decision in Centre Talks

NewsTruckers end Protest: Hit-and-Run Law decision in Centre Talks


The truck drivers called off the protest in the country against the new penal laws regarding hit-and-run accident cases. On this, government assured that it will consult the transport body represent before implement the contentious law against hit and run cases. This new rule provides the punishment of 10 years in hit-and-run cases, but it has not been implemented yet. On this, the government states that any decision is only after discussion with the transport body and truckers. 

Protests lead to inconvenience for people. 

The truckers are also entreated to renew work immediately after a past due-evening settlement between the transport body and the government. However, numerous petrol pumps in Lucknow remained closed even after the transporters’ strike was off. “No stock” posters were visible at petrol pumps in the metropolis, inflicting inconvenience on locals.

There is no group of workers. I am even not able to visit work. I do not know what the government is doing regarding this trouble,” a local stated.

New criminal law regarding hit and accident run cases 

Truck drivers throughout the country launched protests over a provision of the new criminal regulation laws dealing with the issue of hit-and-run accidents.

The provision in question become these days introduced in by using the government under Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita, that replaces the British-generation Indian Penal Code.

According to the new penal law, any driver who causes the death of someone via rash and negligent driving and flees from the spot without reporting to the government might Put in jail for punishment of 10 years.

Protestors blocked the highways. 

Protestors blocked highways and roads in several parts of the country and refused to ply their motors. The nationwide protest sparked fears of fuel scarcity, leading to a panic situation. On Tuesday, visuals came in from several elements of the country showing people queue at diesel and petrol pumps. 

As the protests raged, the Ministry of Home Affairs held discussions with representatives of the All India Motor Transport Congress on January 2, the 2nd day of the strike.

Truckers protesting nationally towards the hit-and-run law had been entreated to resume work immediately after an overdue nighttime settlement between the transport body representing them and the authorities. The government stated that any choice would be taken best after discussions with the transport body.

Law on hit and runs cases has not implement yet. 

This regulation has not yet been implemented. We will put into effect it best after discussing with the AIMTC.”


After the new criminal laws were approved by the government and came into the news, the truckers and others started protesting and blocking the highways. They oppose the punishment of 10 years for hit-and-run cases. Malkit Singh Bal, the Chairman of the truckers’ body’s centre committee, stated, “We met and discussed the provisions under the Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita (BNS), and all issues had been resolved. The new laws have now not been applied but could only be applied after consultation with AIMTC.” He also said that the strike would end soon and that the drivers had been entreated to resume work

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