The Taj Mahal vanishes under a thick layer of haze, disappointing the tourists.

NewsThe Taj Mahal vanishes under a thick layer of haze, disappointing the...


In the northern parts of the country, air quality is getting worse day by day. Due to poor air quality, a thick stratum of smog devoured the monument (Taj Mahal), diminishing its visibility.

Visitors are complaining that the monument is not properly visible, this is all due to the increased contamination in the air. The air quality in Agra City was moderate when recorded on Wednesday. According to the Central Pollution Board, the AQI of Shahjahan Garden is 114, which is just 2 kilometers from Taj Mahal.

This isn’t the first time when the beautiful white marble monument has been hidden due to air pollution. The air quality level of the city has been recorded in the poor category since November 4. All the travelers visiting the historical place are disappointed due to the lack of transparency in the air.

A Nagpur tourist said the Taj Mahal seemed to be covered in fog and smoke due to air pollution.

Another visitor stated that, due to dense fog, the monument is not clearly visible. Because of the increased level of pollution, we are having difficulty in walking.

A Pune tourist expressed her disappointment in the visit and complained about the haze, smog, and pollution.

The air quality in Agra city is recorded at 102 as per the AQI, 163 in Aligarh, and 161 and 215 in Bulandshahr and Bareilly, respectively. The air quality falls into the drastic category in Ghaziabad; the city’s AQI is 402, which remains in the unhealthy category; the AQI level in Merth City is 300. All these cities are quite close to Agra.

The National Capital’s air quality was still rated as “severe.” The Air Quality Index (AQI) was recorded at 452 in Anand Vihar, 433, 460, 382, and 413 at RK Puram, Punjabi Bagh, Shadipur, and Sri Aurobindo Marg, all of which were classified as “severe” according to the data provided by the CPCB.

“We got to wait for 60 minutes but hardly even see anything,” said Harish Merchant, an NRI from the UK who visited the heritage site for the first time with his wife and parents. My parents are complaining of breathing difficulties and eye irritation. We are currently considering scrapping our itinerary to see other sites, including Fatehpur Sikri.”

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“The monument remained coated in a thick mask of toxic smoke until late in the afternoon,” stated Deepak Dan, president of the tourist guides welfare association. The inability of visitors to view and photograph the monument caused them to express frustration. ” He went on, “The tourism sector will be negatively impacted by the increasing pollution levels. To lower it, authorities must choose scientific methods. The monuments should have anti-smog guns stationed nearby to combat unhealthy air conditions.

Meanwhile, the number of people experiencing respiratory problems has increased as the city struggles with declining air quality. More than a hundred patients experiencing breathing difficulties were admitted to district hospitals, Lady Lyall Hospital, SN Medical College in Agra, and other government-run healthcare facilities in the past 48 hours.

“Continued exposure to PM 2.5 and 10 beyond the safe levels can damage the respiratory system as the extremely fine particulate matter can make its way deep inside the lungs and also enter the blood,” stated Dr. AK Srivastava, the chief medical officer of the Agra district. It is recommended that people wear face masks. People who have tuberculosis or asthma should stay out of public places.

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