Shimla New Year Celebration 2023: Expected around 80,000 to 1 Lakh people

NewsShimla New Year Celebration 2023: Expected around 80,000 to 1 Lakh people


The new year 2024 is coming. People are going to different places for New Year celebrations. This year, Shimla is referred to the best spot for people to celebrate their new year. Around 1.5 lakh people visit Shimla this year on New Year. Around 80,000 people to 1 lakh tourists are expected to visit Shimla to celebrate their new year, news reports said. 

80,000 to 1 Lakh tourists will visit Shimla 

According to winter and Christmas events, visitors will also going to rushed in shimla for new year celebrations. We had almost 1.5 lakh tourists on Christmas, and we’re waiting for 80,000 to at least 1 lakh tourists and almost 2,50,000 cars in a year,” Shimla Superintendent of Police Sanjeev Kumar Gandhi stated.

“In the capital town of Shimla, throughout the past 10 to 11 days, we’ve recorded 1,60,000 automobile movements through the Shoghi Barrier. We have nearly  3 lakh locals, and we also are welcoming tourists. We have planned a one-minute visitors plan according to our ability, and the results are high quality, and on the internal street, we’ve allowed loose visit,” he delivered.

CCTV and Drone techniques for visitor tracking 

As the huge number of tourists are visit shimla this year, the officials prepare the city with advanced security techniques. The Shimla SP, in addition, informed that the branch is tracking the visitors with CCTV and a drone. We made arrangements for traveler and ensure their security by techniques and advanced approaches. We have CCTV and drone monitoring for both visitor tracking and additionally visitor moves. We are looking to make sure security, protection, and traffic arrangements, and we are guiding the tourists additionally,” he said. The travelers are dashing for cold carnival and New Year celebrations in the hills here in Himachal Pradesh.

The branch is overseeing site visitors’ usage of CCTV and drones and has applied arrangements at key vacation locations to ensure protection, safety, and green site visitor management.

New year, 2024, came with a snowstorm. 

This new year celebrations come with snowstorm desires. The mountain view is excellent. Due to the vacationer influx, it’s taking an extended time; however, we’re enjoying it,” Gulshan, a traveler from Noida, said. The tourists additionally stated that due to overcrowding, accommodations are charging 3 instances better.

Many travelers rushed there according to confirmation. It became disappointing that we got 3 times higher fees for the motels. We loved it, and we are exploring greater stations right here,” Anchal, a tourist from UP, said. Around 1.5 lakh tourists flocked to Shimla for Christmas. The expectations are set for around 80,000 to 1 lakh tourists to join the New Year celebrations in Shimla. 


 The Shimla superintendent of police said that they plan to prepare comparable festivities for December 30th and anticipate a turnout of 80,000 to 1 lakh people. Tourists are taking part in the revel despite problems in securing inns because of the high call. We made arrangements for traveller and ensure their security by techniques and advanced approaches.

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