Rahul Gandhi Joins Hands with Coal Workers in Jharkhand, Shares Their Burden

NewsRahul Gandhi Joins Hands with Coal Workers in Jharkhand, Shares Their Burden


On Monday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi attempted to push the bicycle of a younger worker, which was encumbered with 200 kg of coal in Jharkhand’s Ramgarh district. He is in the country as a part of his ongoing Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra.

While on his way to Ranchi, the Congress MP noticed people on the road wearing coal weighing 200 to 250 kg on their bicycles. He was given out of his automobile and greeted the employees. The Congress party shared photographs of the senior chief pushing the coal-weighted down bicycle, which belonged to a “young worker.”

Congress Party Speaks on Coal Workers. 

In a post on X, the party stated that the man stated that he “has to stroll about 30–40 kilometers each day. In terms of hard work, the salary from this work is very low”. The workers do hard work and construction in factory to earn income. They should get justice… That is the intention of the yatra,” it introduced. The post went on to mention that the yatra’s aim is “to understand the troubles of the people, to listen to them, to provide them justice.”

Bharat Jodo Yatra entered Jharkhand. 

He acquired a warm welcome from the newly-appointed Chief Minister Champai Soren. While addressing a gathering later that day, the Congress MP stated that the BJP tried to destabilize the Jharkhand government, but the INDIA competition bloc stood up in opposition to its “conspiracy.”

BJP has power,  but Congress are not afraid of it, he said. Soren, who became sworn in as the Chief Minister of Jharkhand on February 2 and received the Jharkhand ground take a look at on Monday, has confident full assist to the Nyay Yatra.

Rahul Gandhi reduces burden of workers

On Monday, the ‘Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra’ commenced from Sidhu Kanu Maidan in Ramgarh district. Rahul Gandhi reached Gandhi Chowk from Sidhu Kanu Maidan through Chatti Bazaar in his open jeep. He paid tributes to Bapu and proceeded closer to his vacation spot. On the way, Rahul noticed the exhibition prepared by Jawahar Bal Manch and stopped his convoy. 

 Children welcomed Rahul Gandhi by giving him rose flowers. He later made the youngsters sit in his jeep and had selfies taken. Rahul interacted with the kids, joked, and chatted with them. The children, too, shouted slogans in assistance of Rahul Gandhi. Standing on his vehicle, Rahul Gandhi greeted the not-unusual people at the side of the supporters and Congress employees’ gifts there. The convoy moved ahead via Subhash Chowk, Block Chowk of Ramgarh, and reached the martyrdom website of Shahid Sheikh Bhikhari and Tikait Umrao Singh online. Here, Rahul Gandhi paid tribute to each of the freedom opponents.


A lot of pleasure and exuberance were found among the supporters in Ramgarh city during Rahul’s visit. Thousands of people had accumulated on the road on the grounds that morning. People have been visible in the streets to get a glimpse of Rahul Gandhi.

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