Prays at Mathura temple- Modi says country has shed slave mentality

NewsPrays at Mathura temple- Modi says country has shed slave mentality


On Thursday, PM Narendra Modi advised the people of Mathura that Braj Bhoomi was deprived of improvement with the aid of “those who wanted to disconnect India from its beyond, people who had been detached to India’s tradition and its spiritual identification” and “have been not capable of give up the slave mentality even after Independence” of the country.

About Mathura city 

Mathura is the place of many actions. There isn’t any vicinity holier than Vrindavan, no village better than Nandgaon, and no call as wonderful as that of Krishna. This is the land of literature, song and subculture. Have become unbiased, the popularity this land need to have received did no longer come its way,” he stated.

PM Modi stated on Mathura and its roots with Lord Krishna in mythological texts, “This isn’t a regular location. That is the place of Krishna. In every soil grain, there is presence of krishna. There is every other motive why I turned into excited to visit this location It shows connection that mathura shares with Gujarat. 

Krishna went to Gujarat to construct Dwarka. Mirabai live her remaining life there. This region is a mark of popularity for Bharat. Our Bharat has usually worshipped Nari Shakti, and who is aware of this more than Brajvasis? We take Radha’s name for the entirety by saying Radhe Radhe. Mirabai has set an example for ladies,” he said.

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PM Modi prays at Mathura temple. 

The Prime Minister prays at Mathura temple,  Shri Krishna Janmaboomi Mandir, and said in the meeting that “within the Azadi Ka Amrit Kaal, for the first time, we have pop out of this slave mentality” and “these days we have in Kashi the Vishwanath Dham in all its splendour It shows grandeur and divinity in Mahakaal Mahalok in kedarnath where the lakhs of devotees come on inaugration of Ram temple, he said. In this improvement case, Modi stated, Mathura and Vrindavan will not lag.

One god with different names, PM Modi says 

Modi participated in the Sant Mirabai Janmotsav, a programme to enjoy the 525th anniversary of Mirabai, and released a commemorative stamp and coin at the event. The governor of UP, anandiben patel, MP of mathura, Hema malini, and Yogi adityanaath chief minister spot there. 

Modi said while Addressing the group that when the USA became going off beam, Sants from exceptional corners rose to go back people to their faith. “In Nayanar and alvar sant are there in south part. In the north had been Tulsidas, Surdas, Kabirdas, Ravidas. In Punjab, there is Guru Nanak, and in Bengal, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. All spoke unique languages and had exclusive customs and practices. Nonetheless, they added them together by means of spreading religion and expertise.


PM Modi prayed at Mathura temple and said that India has come out of their mentality of slavery and is moving ahead with its heritage for the first time in the ” amrit kaal” of independence.

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