Police Seize the home of Guddu Muslim: Umesh Pal murder investigation

NewsPolice Seize the home of Guddu Muslim: Umesh Pal murder investigation


In the Chakia neighborhood of the city, police on Tuesday attacked the home of Guddu Muslim, an escaped suspect in the Umesh Pal murder case, and an aide to dead gangster Atiq Ahmed. ACP (Dhumangaj) Varun Kumar claims that the police have attached the accused’s residence as well as the belongings housed within. A police squad had visited the property earlier as well, but the Prayagraj Development Authority (PDA) discovered it to be sealed. According to him, the house was opened today in cooperation with the PDA team.

Four accused have already faced attached proceedings; the remaining two, Atiq Ahmed’s wife Shaista Parveen and Arman, will face those actions in three to four days, he said. CCTV footage showed Guddu Muslims hurling bombs during Umesh Pal’s horrific attack. On February 25, 2023, Umesh Pal, the primary witness in the BSP MLA Raju Pal murder case, was shot and killed in broad daylight. Since the event, Guddu Muslims have been evading authorities. A case was filed at the Dhoomanganj police station against mafia Atiq Ahmed, his brother Ashraf, Saista Parveen, Atiq’s two kids, Guddu Muslim, Gulham, and nine other accomplices in  response to a complaint made by Umesh Pal’s wife, Jaya Pal.

On April 15, this year, Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf—who have been linked to more than 100 criminal cases, including the murder of Umesh Pal—were shot and killed outside the Calvin Hospital in Prayagraj. The police posted a notice of attachment at his residence on December 2 in accordance with Section 82 of the CrPC. The Prayagraj Development Authority (PDA) has sealed the house, so goods could not be attached at that time.

Among the people missing are Zainab, the wife of Ashraf, and Shaista Parveen, the wife of Atiq. The home and possessions of the late mafia politician Atiq Ahmed’s infamous goon Guddu Muslim were seized by Dhumanganj police on Tuesday in the Chak Niratul neighborhood. Guddu is wanted in relation to the shocking February 24th murder of lawyer Umesh Pal and his two police gurds; there is a 5 lakh reward for his capture.

According to PDA joint secretary Ajay Kumar, the three-story home of Guddu Muslim and Chand Bibi in Chak Niratul was sealed off by PDA since it was built without the relevant authority’s clearance on a map. He said PDA removed its seal for the attachment of goods at the police’s request. It is important to note that the Shivkuti region is the ancestral home of the Guddu Muslims. He had been living for a woman’s son’s poultry business that PDA closed a few months ago.

Guddu Muslim was seen throwing homemade bombs in the viral videos that followed Umesh Pal’s death, while Asad, Atiq’s son, Ghulam, and Vijay Chaudhary were shown shooting at the victim. A police guard was struck by one of the rudimentary bombs, which caused severe injuries and ultimately led to his demise.

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