Kaagaz 2: Daughter of Satish Kaushik watches his movies with Anupam Kher

NewsKaagaz 2: Daughter of Satish Kaushik watches his movies with Anupam Kher


Vanshika, daughter of Satish Kaushik and his wife Sahashi, attended Satish Kaushik’s final movie Kaagaz 2. They claimed to have cherished the late actor’s part. The movie’s co-star, Anupam Kher, expressed how much he missed his friend at the premier.

In Kaagaz 2, Anupam Kher appeared on screen alongside his late best friend Satish Kaushik. On February 27m a special screening of the movie took place in Mumbai. Along with Vanshika, Satish’s daughter, the actor watched the movie. He shared a video he took outside the movie theater, showing a touching exchange between Kaushik’s wife and daughter. He asked Vanshika in the video if she thought  her father played a good role in the movie. Vanshika gave a warm response, praising the movie and mentioning how much she enjoyed Kher’s performance. It was deemed one of Kaushik’s greatest performances by Shashi as well.

Vanshika you were very significant to the audience, Anupam continued. You and your mother attended the first showing of Kaagaz 2 today and I am so glad you enjoyed the movie. She said, no, when Anupam asked if she wanted to say anything more.

Anupam questioned Shashi about the movie as well. It was a good movie, she said. Every character was excellent. I really enjoy Satish’s work. It’s one of Satish’s best performances, the actor continued. He said, glancing at Vanshika, don’t you think so? And she gave a nod.  He kissed her forehead and said, I also missed him.

Sharing the video, he wrote, talking with Vashika and Shashi Kaushik was quite an emotional moment after the soulful first screening of Satish Kaushik’s #Kaagaz2. What a fantastic issue based on my friend #Satish’s most recent film! Launching on March 1st.

Recently Anupam Kher revealed how hard he works to ensure Satish Kaushik’s daughter doesn’t feel the absence of her father. The actor remarked, I adapted to go to their house and discuss with her a lot even before Satish’s death. However, since his passing, I have made a conscious effort to set aside time and spend it with her in order to give her the impression that she has a dad figure in her life.

Kher understands that he can not take Satish Kaushik’s place, but he can give Vanshika strength and emotional support. He also expresses how much he values their friendship and how much he misses Satish. I cannot substitute for Satish in her life, one can. I can, however, give her emotional fortitude.

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