Hijab ban controversy: BJP mocks Congress with “Shriya law,” Karnataka minister responds

NewsHijab ban controversy: BJP mocks Congress with “Shriya law," Karnataka minister responds


Following the announcement by the Siddaramaiah-led Congress government that the state’s educational institutions would no longer be prohibited from requiring students to wear headscarves, there was a furor in Karnataka. The previous BJP government implemented the order in 2022.


The “foundation of Shriya law” in Karnataka, according to Union Minister Giriraj Singh, will follow the lifting of the state’s ban on the headscarf. He also claimed that if the opposition were elected to power, “Islamic legality would be executed” nationwide.

Not only is the hijab ban being lifted, but Shriya law has been implemented in the state. Islamic law will be put into effect if Rahul Gandhi, the Congress, and the India bloc take power. Singh told reporters, “This is a well-laid plot to destroy Sanatana Dharma.” Siddaramaiah was accused by former chief minister Basavaraj Bommai of engaging in vote-bank politics in order to win over minority votes in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Everyone wears a headscarf. A dress code issue is the hijab. This is what Siddaramaiah is doing to set students in schools and colleges apart. He told them he was doing it for vote-bank politics.

The chief minister doesn’t even acknowledge that the case is still pending in the Supreme Court. According to Bommai, he wants to win over the minority and is considering the Lok Sabha elections. Senior BJP leader and former chief minister BS Yeddyurappa claimed that Siddaramaiah lifted the prohibition on the hijab “to placate Muslims.” No one has called for the decision to reserve the hijab. This is what Siddaramaiah said to placate the Muslims. He said he ought to take back his statement.

Retaliating, the Congress argued that the action was taken in accordance with the law and that the matter ought not to be politicized. The BJP may not be aware of the Constitution, in my opinion. The Constitution ought to be ready for them. Any legislation or policy that hinders the advancement of Karnataka will not be disregarded. The son of Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, state minister Priyanka Kharge, stated, “If necessary, we will remove that law or rule.” State Minister Madhu Bangarappa announced that Siddaramaiah would “take things ahead” after their discussion on the matter.

The government gave students permission to wear the hijab during competitive exams in October of this year, raising hopes that the ban would be lifted.

An Udupi government college banned the hijab in its classrooms in February 2022, and many other educational institutions soon followed. Afterward, an order banning the hijab on college campuses was issued by the BJP government led by Bommai. The order stated that “any clothing that would disturb equality, integrity, and public law and order “would not be  permitted.” The order had sparked numerous demonstrations and counter-protests, which had caused the state’s institution to close. The case made it to the Supreme Court, which on October 13 issued the state’s institution to close.

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